Undergraduate English Program

Scheurer with THEO/ENGL students

Why do you want to study English? Because you love the verbal art of writing, or the cultural barometer that is literature, or the community-building power of rhetoric. You want to write essays exploring your fascination with monsters in Frankenstein and Beloved. You want to write a young-adult novel, or a book of poetry, or a grant application to raise funds for the Aliveness Project. You want to invent totally new genres for web browsers and video games. Why English? Because you are interested in many things, and you want a major that lets you explore all of them.

English plays well with others, too. Many students double-major or minor in other disciplines, and our faculty direct the interdisciplinary American Culture and Difference minor and the Renaissance Program, which coordinates a liberal arts major such as English with a business minor.

You’ll find many opportunities to gain professional experience, such as consulting in the Center for Writing, editing the Summit Avenue Review literary magazine, or engaging in research and writing projects with professors through UST’s Young Scholars and Collaborative Inquiry grants.


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