Undergraduate English Program

Scheurer with THEO/ENGL students

English is a versatile discipline at the center of it all, with connections to opportunities and other programs that enrich and enhance students’ experience and learning within their English major. In addition to their studies in English, many of our UST English students minor or co-major in one of the many other interdisciplinary programs at UST, including Justice & Peace Studies, Catholic Studies, and our new Film Studies minor, to name just a few.

English faculty members direct a number of interdisciplinary programs that are of interest to our majors: the American Culture and Difference minor; the Renaissance Program, which coordinates a liberal arts major such as English with a pre-professional minor; and HECUA, a full-semester, community-based academic experience.

Within the department, students gain experience (and in most cases academic credit) by becoming peer consultants in the UST Center for Writing; by becoming part of the editorial and production staff for UST’s Summit Avenue Review literary magazine; and by working on projects for scholarly publications such as The Hemingway Review.