Transfer Courses

Students seeking pre-approval to take an English course at another college/university or through a study abroad program should contact the English Department chair, Dr. Amy Muse(, by email prior to registering for that course. When contacting her about transfer courses, please provide the name of the school, the course number, the course title, the course description, and a sample course syllabus (if possible). If she determines that the course can be accepted for transfer credit, then she will sign the Transfer Credit Pre-Approval form (available online or at the Registrar's office, MHC 126) provided to her by the student requesting the pre-approval.

Note: Students seeking pre-approval to count a course towards the core literature and writing requirement should be aware that at least one of their two core literature and writing courses must be taken at St. Thomas, unless the equivalent of the UST core literature and writing requirement has been fulfilled in its entirety at another institution prior to the student's official enrollment at St. Thomas (and those courses have been officially reported to the UST Registrar's office by an official transcript sent from that institution).