Summer 2014 Courses

Course - Section Title Days Time Location
ENGL 201 - 01 The American Short Story M T W R - 1015 - 1215 JRC 246
CRN: 30385 4 Credit Hours Instructor: Kelli A. Larson Even in the land of Super Targets and Big Mac hamburgers, bigger is not always better--at least not in terms of literature. Short stories, because of their compression and intensity, offer lively plots and constant surprises. To the delight of readers everywhere, American authors provide a wellspring of tales that uncover our past, define our present, and peep into our future. As we study the artistic development of the American short story, our process of discovery will be progressive, beginning with some of this country's earliest and most influential short story writers like Irving and Poe and closing with such masters of contemporary fiction as Alice Walker and Jill McCorkle. The writing load for this course is a minimum of 15 pages of formal revised writing.
ENGL 214 - 01 American Authors I M - - R - 1730 - 2130 JRC 222
CRN: 30416 4 Credit Hours Instructor: Anne E. Roth-Reinhardt Here's an opportunity to discover the source of familiar quotations like "To be great is to be misunderstood" and "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation," to delight in Benjamin Franklin's lucky escape to Philadelphia, and to understand America's continued interest in being "a city upon a hill" nearly 400 years after Winthrop gave his famous speech. Our course will study the American literary experience from the 17th century to the turn of the 20th century and will consider the diverse literary, cultural, and historical contexts creating what we now recognize as a distant "Americanness." Get ready to "meet" some celebrities you've heard so much about: Whitman, Dickinson, and Hawthorne--as well as Douglass, Jacobs, and some pretty intense preachers. Prerequisite: ENGL 201, 202, 203, or 204.