Two English Students Present Papers at Conference

March 31, 2014 / By: UST English Department
Emily Hurd and Annemarie Thompson

The English Department is pround to announce that Emily Hurd (Philosophy/Catholic Studies major; English minor) and Annemarie Thompson (English and Catholic Studies major) presented papers at the undergraduate Literati Conference held on Saturday, March 29th, at the University of Wisconsin-Madision. Hurd, pictured on the left, presented "Crome Yellow: A Criticism of Loving Flower to Flower" and Thompson, pictured on the right, presented "'An Ensemble of Sensations': The Urbanization of Poetry in Hope Mirrlees' Paris: A Poem." Thompson was announced as the winner of the Literati "Best Paper Award" too.

Literati is an undergraduate conference created to provide a forum for students interested in the humanities to exchange ideas, enhance their writing skills, and examine works through their own perspectives and the perspectives of their peers. Literati supplies undergraduates with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in which they are able to test their professional abilities and explore their skills in public speaking, networking, and maintaining composure when faced with opposing ideas. The conference is a source of professional development for undergraduates that gives them a glimpse into the world of a career in academia. Literati is open to all undergraduate students who wish to learn from their peers and challenge themselves in an exciting and enriching manner.