Student Profiles

Some students come to the program straight from their undergraduate work, while others have been out of school for many years. Below are comments from a few of our current students and  recent graduates:

Grad Student Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson

Attorney at Law

I have found that when I am taking a class in the Master of Arts in English program at the University of St. Thomas I am a more inspired lawyer and a more effective advocate for my clients. While the advanced writing instruction has helped to sharpen my written communications with the court and other lawyers, it is the free flowing discussion of complex ideas that has me looking forward to class each week. The variety of material and perspectives offered in the classes has allowed me to better understand my clients and more creatively resolve many of their problems. In short, this program has become a place for me to refuel and re-imagine my practice.

Amanda Marek

Amanda Marek '14

English Teacher, Shakopee West Junior High School

I started my master's to add breadth and depth to my knowledge of the subject I teach. What I didn't expect was how it would impact my relationships with students. Discussing literature and theory from all over the U.S. and the world helped me grasp the various backgrounds and realities of my students, making me a more effective and compassionate teacher.

Jennifer Waldenberger

Jennifer Waldenberger '13

Instructor in Communication Skills & Composition
Western Technical College, La Crosse, WI

I have always had a passion for English Literature...[and] it has been a wonderful experience working with the faculty in the English program. One of my professors treated me not only as a student, but also a colleague, as she assisted me in further developing my abilities as a writer. I am grateful for her feedback and support. Now that I have completed my degree, I expect that my new teaching position will give me the opportunity to pass on the critical thinking and writing skills that I learned at UST.

Scott Radunzel

Scott Radunzel

Assistant Director
Journal Production at Minnesota State Senate

The Master of Arts in English program at the University of St. Thomas has helped me develop a broader understanding of the nuances of the English language applied across a spectrum of academic, political, and social writing.  This knowledge has strengthened my role as an editor for the Minnesota State Senate.

Brittany Kallman Anderson

Brittany Kallman Arneson '12

Writing Consultant, Walden University Writing Center

I began the Master of Arts in English program because I loved reading and writing, but along the way, I developed a passion for teaching. The program provided challenging coursework, passionate, caring professors, and smart colleagues who were willing to really dig into literature. It also provided an opportunity for me to gain hands-on experience working with students as a writing consultant in the UST Center for Writing. Now I draw on my St. Thomas experience every day as I continue to help students discover their voices as writers and scholars.