Three full-time and eleven part-time fellowships are awarded to students of exceptional promise. The full-time fellowships automatically renew each semester until completion of the degree and provide a tuition waiver for all ten classes in the program plus a stipend of $5,000 per semester. Students holding full-time fellowships are expected to take three courses each semester until the final semester, when the Master's Essay is typically taken as a stand-alone course. As full-time fellowships provide both a living stipend and tuition remission, students who receive this award should view their studies as a full-time commitment and not maintain full-time employment. Students with full-time fellowships must maintain a 3.7 GPA and may not receive more than one grade of "Incomplete" during their coursework in order to retain their fellowship award.

The part-time fellowships are awarded on a two-year cycle and offer a tuition waiver for one course per semester (excluding summer) for two years. Students may re-apply for these fellowships at the end of the cycle. Students with part-time fellowships must maintain a 3.5 GPA and may not receive more than one grade of "Incomplete" during their coursework in order to retain their fellowship award.

Fellowships are competitive and students are advised to prepare their application materials carefully. New students applying to the program may submit a fellowship application with their general application materials. This is a personal statement of approximately 500 words in which applicants should clearly and concisely discuss their eligibility for a fellowship, academic plans, and reasons for pursuing a Master of Arts in English degree.

Students already enrolled in the M.A. program are eligible to apply for fellowships as they become available, and must meet the same criteria listed above. In addition to the personal statement, current students are asked to supply at least one letter of support from a St. Thomas faculty member with whom they have studied plus a writing sample from a course taken in the program. Students may re-apply for fellowships in subsequent semesters and are encouraged to revise their personal statements in the light of intervening experience.

Deadlines for fellowship applications correspond with the program applications each year--October 1 for the following spring semester, and March 1 for the following fall semester. The English Department will notify applicants within three weeks following these deadlines whether a fellowship has been awarded. Once a student begins classes in the awarded term, it is assumed that both full-time and part-time fellowship recipients will continue their degree progress in consecutive semesters without hiatus (excluding summers) until their award has completed its agreement.