Kelli Larson  portrait

Kelli Larson

Professor of English / Academic Development Program Coordinator
M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University
B.A., Aquinas College
At St. Thomas since 1990
JRC 318
(Summer 2014) M/T 9:00-10:00am; also by appointment
(651) 962-5615
I specialize in American literature of the 19th and 20th centuries and regularly teach the American Authors I survey, the American short story, and an occasional modern American literature course. I particularly enjoy teaching the works of Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Allan Poe, and Ernest Hemingway. Most recently, I have been working with a small group of students each fall semester to update the volume Ernest Hemingway, A Reference Guide published back in 1990 and to produce the "Current Bibliography" for The Hemingway Review.

Summer 2014 Courses

Summer 2014 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
ENGL 201 - 01 The American Short Story M T W R - 1015 - 1215 JRC 246
CRN: 30385 4 Credit Hours Even in the land of Super Targets and Big Mac hamburgers, bigger is not always better--at least not in terms of literature. Short stories, because of their compression and intensity, offer lively plots and constant surprises. To the delight of readers everywhere, American authors provide a wellspring of tales that uncover our past, define our present, and peep into our future. As we study the artistic development of the American short story, our process of discovery will be progressive, beginning with some of this country's earliest and most influential short story writers like Irving and Poe and closing with such masters of contemporary fiction as Alice Walker and Jill McCorkle. The writing load for this course is a minimum of 15 pages of formal revised writing.

Fall 2014 Courses

Fall 2014 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
ENGL 110 - P2 Intensive Writing - T - R - 0800 - 0940 OEC 209
CRN: 40116 4 Credit Hours The course provides students with intensive practice in writing, enabling them to adapt to the demands of differing rhetorical contexts. Emphasis on understanding writing processes and learning to respond thoughtfully to writing at various stages. Critical reading will be practiced as an integral part of the writing process. Prerequisite: participation in the Academic Development Program
ENGL 490 - 21 Resrch: Hemingway Bibliography - T - R - 1330 - 1510 ASC 230
CRN: 41060 4 Credit Hours Interested in research? And the real world of publishing? This course offers a unique opportunity to engage both while studying one of this country's most famous modern authors, Ernest Hemingway. In an age notably short in memory, Hemingway remains a permanent force in American literature and culture. Hundreds of essays, notes, and books appear annually on his life and art. Add the occasional posthumous publication and critical debate rises to a feverish pitch. Scholars turn to the "Annotated Bibliography" of THE HEMINGWAY REVIEW, the premier journal in Hemingway studies, as their only resource for all scholarship appearing on Hemingway worldwide. In this course, we will begin by reading and studying Hemingway's most representative novels and short stories in preparation for our research. Students will work together to prepare two bibliographies, including the most recent "Annotated Bibliography" for the upcoming issue of THE HEMINGWAY REVIEW. Student's names will appear as co-authors on this publication. Instructor approval is necessary to register for this course. Interested students should contact Dr. Kelli Larson prior to Thursday, April 10th to set up an interview. Prerequisite(s): Course limited to four English majors who are of junior or senior standing.

J-Term 2015 Courses

J-Term 2015 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
ENGL 399U - A02 Modernist Moment - - - - - -
CRN: 10097 4 Credit Hours