Study Abroad for Engineering

The UST School of Engineering offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study Mechanical and Electrical Engineering abroad.

ENGR 298 Roman Engineering and Structures - J-term 2015

Dr. John Walker and Barbara Zell will travel to Rome, Italy with a group of UST students to study Roman engineering and architecture. Students will post their experiences on the Rome 2015 blog. View the ENGR 298 J-term 2015 syllabus for more information.

Sustainable Alternative Energy Sources and the Future - June 2014

Dr. Greg Mowry and Dr. John Wentz traveled to France and Italy in June 2014 with students to study alternative energy in the areas of biofuels, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, and solar power generation. 

Sorghum Syrup Production in Mali - Peace Engineering in J-term 2014

A team of four senior mechanical engineering students worked on processing juice out of sorghum stalks and concentrating its syrup as a sugar or honey substitute to be used in Mali, Africa to benefit children by supplementing sugar in their diet and increasing family income for the producers.
Read the student blog. 

Mathematics and Mechanics of Roman, Byzantine, Greek and Islamic Architectures - J-term 2014

Dr. Mike Hennessey  of Engineering and Dr. Cheri Shakiban of Mathematics led a group of students to Spain, Greece and Italy to learn about the mathematical and mechanical engineering used by Roman, Byzantine, Greek and Islamic cultures to create magnificent engineering and buildings in Toledo, Granada, Athens, Rome, Florence and Pisa. View the student blog.

Sustainable Alternative Energy Sources and the Future - June 2012

Dr. Greg Mowry and Dr. John Wentz traveled to France and Italy in June 2012 with students to study alternative energy in the areas of biofuels, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, and solar power generation.  See Flyer for sign up dates and more details.  

Mathematics and Mechanics of Byzantine, Greek, Roman and Islamic Architectures J-Term 2012

Dr. Mike Hennessey of Engineering and Dr. Cheri Shakiban of Mathematics led a group of students to Greece, Turkey and Italy during January 2012.  See one students Blog.

Mathematics and Architectures of Incas in Peru - J-Term 2010‌Mathematics and Architectures of Incas in Peru - J-Term 2010

Dr. Mike Hennessey of Engineering and Dr. Cheri Shakiban of Mathematics led a group of interested students to Machu Picchu and other significant Inca locations in Peru in January, 2010. Enrollment opened March 24, 2009. Peru_2010-jterm.


Every other year, ENGR 298 - Roman Structure and Art travels to Rome during J-Term.  Most recently, 20 students went to Italy in January, 2011. Read about the adventures of the students in their blog. See the class syllabus. See also ENGR298 links.

Iceland - Spring 2008

ENGR 381 Thermodynamics offered an opportunity to travel to Iceland in Spring 2008. During spring break, the course traveled to Iceland for 10 days. The trip was an interdisciplinary effort between the geology and engineering departments. Students of thermodynamics and oceanography explored Iceland’s use of its unique geological setting to provide much of its energy needs in a clean and sustainable way. The group visited Reykjavik University and the University of Iceland for lectures on the impact of climate change on glaciers, carbon sequestration and binding with basalt, hydropower from glacial rivers, geothermal energy and the issues Iceland faces with the challenges of powering their fishing fleet.

See Description, Itinerary and Iceland Application for more information. Contact Dr. Camille George to discuss this further.

International Service Learning

ENGR 480/481 Senior Design offers students opportunities for international service learning. Over the past several years, student groups have contributed in Mali (Africa), and St. Vincent (Caribbean). In 2008-2009, a team improved the design of a food grinder. See also

Study Engineering Abroad in Spain or England

In addition, students may study Engineering abroad for a semester at universities in Spain or England.

Why study Engineering abroad?

  • To deepen your understanding of engineering in a global context
  • To understand the relationship between culture and science
  • To expand your cross cultural communication, foreign language, and problem solving skills as you interact with faculty and students from around the world
  • To broaden your academic horizons
  • To develop intellectually, emotionally, culturally and socially

Yes, but.....

  • Where can I study?

St. Thomas School of Engineering has identified two programs that work well for its students: the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England and St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain. Other sites are possible, but these two are recommended.

  • Can I take my Engineering course(s) in English?

Yes. At the University of Sheffield all courses are taught in English. At St. Louis University, Engineering courses are taught in English while other courses are taught in either Spanish or English. You will also take a Spanish course.

  • Can I afford it?

YES! The cost of studying abroad is within the reach of most UST students. Financial aid applies to semester study abroad, and students not currently receiving financial aid may be eligible for loans. There are also special scholarships for studying abroad.


So... What do I do next?

  • Begin planning right away. It is never too early to start planning. Stop by the International Education Center (IEC), sign up for a "First Step" session (for details, see and use their library to begin researching destinations.
  • Set some goals. There is not one best suited for all Engineering majors. You need to determine which one fits you. Prioritize your goals. Consider your long term academic, professional, and career goals.
  • Think about what you want to learn from (and what you can contribute to) the program, college, and country where you want to be.
  • Prepare academically. You may need to take prerequisites or plan for classes upon your return.
  • Start a budget.To help with above, talk to:
    • Dr. Greg Mowry,, in Engineering
    • Study Abroad Advisor in International Education Center (IEC)