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Senior Design Clinic

Engineering Senior Design Clinic -

Each year, our seniors team with industry and non-profits to develop special prototype solutions to real world problems.  This year the students have designed and built a 15 ft tall vertical axis wind turbine, a formula race car, a library book sorter, a new bike fork release, a neuromodulation sensor, and a navigation system for unmanned aerial vehicles.  And that's just part of the story.  From small start-ups students working on senior design projectto the largest companies in the Twin Cities, all find value in the thousands of hours of work put into each project.   And the students shine in seeing their ideas come to fruition in the real world.  
The 2013 Summer/Fall Senior Design Clinic Show will be held on Wednesday, December 18th from 4:30 - 6:30 PM in the Atrium on the 3rd floor of Anderson Student Center at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul Campus.

2013 Summer/Fall Projects

  1. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine – AF Energy, Inc.
  2. Bourdon Tube Gauge Sensor – Emerson
  3. Reduce Manufacturing Cost - Oximeter System – Nonin Medical
  4. Dynamic Balancing System for UAV Propeller – Red Tail Hawk Services

If you or your company is interested in getting involved, contact Dr. Don Weinkauf 651-962-5760. 


2012-2013 Projects - 2013 Spring Senior Design Catalog

  1. Silicon Transfer Reduction – Andersen Windows
  2. Reservoir Volume Sensor – Medtronic
  3. UAV Autopilot System – UTC Aerospace Systems
  4. Basketball Training System  – Airborne Athletics
  5. Breathing Assistance Device – Breathing Innovations and Sister Kenny Institute
  6. Film Inspection System – 3M
  7. Multiphase Flowmeter – Emerson
  8. Paint Booth Defect Reduction – 3M
  9. PAPR  Noise Attenuation –
  10. Lightweight Machine Vise – KURT
  11. Flexible Cooling Device – MINCO
  12. 3D Chair Geometry Capture System – Ottobock
  13. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Concept – AF Energy
  14. Global Lynx Library Book Deshingler – 3M
  15. Seaglider Communications/Navigation – University of Beira Interior – Portugal
  16. Air Intake System – FSAE Club
  17. Bicycle Handlebar and Fork Mechanism – Switch-A-Roo
  18. Robotics Haptic Control – PAR Systems
  19. Acoustic Damping System - Canal Mercer Designs
  20. Non-Newtonian Viscometer - Emerson
  21. Linear Valve for AirIntake Manifold - Emerson/Fisher
  22. Large Scale PVC Toy Kit - The Works / UST
Take a look at previous years projects and sponsors.
2011-2012 Projects - 2012 Senior Design Catalog 
  1. Smart Safety - 3M
  2. n-Newtonian Viscometer No - Emerson/ University of St Thomas
  3. Persistent Gliding Waterframe (Seaglider) - University of Beira Interior - Portugal
  4. Windstrip Hybrid Power System - Windstrip LLC
  5. Optical Film Handling System - 3M
  6. Aqualyzer Phase 2 - CTI
  7. Oscillating Heat Plate - Lockheed Martin
  8. In-line Caliper Measure Device - 3M
  9. Gimbaled Camera System - Xollai
  10. Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Device - Ability One
  11. TV Backlight and LED Driver - 3M
  12. Smoke Sentry 2 - Mate
  13. Heavy Hitter Workout Equipment - Zebra Mats
  14. Diesel Particulate Filter Cleanser - Donaldson
  15. Hardened Speaker System - SoniQ
  16. PAPR Cooling Capability -
  17. Orthopedic Implant Removal Device - Valley Orthopedics
  1. Solar-Wind Hybrid Power System- Windstrip LLC
  2. Graphics Applicator- 3M
  3. Fall Detection Device- Courage Center
  4. Electrolysis Based Water Purification Device-CTI / Cargill Foundation
  5. Steam Quality Monitoring System- Emerson
  6. Formula SAE Frame Design – FSAE Club / University of St. Thomas
  7. Magnetic Drive Transmission - Future Force
  8. Precision Plenum Monitor for Laser Cutting- LasX Industries, Inc.
  9. Static Electricity Jacket for Power Generation – Lockheed Martin
  10. Persistent Gliding Waterframe (Seaglider)-  University of Beira Interior - Portugal
  11. Multi-Linkage Mechanical Creature - University of St. Thomas
  12. Pipe Lining System- 3M
  13. Wind Tunnel Test Section –Emerson/ University of St. Thomas
 2009-2010 Projects - See Brochure for details
  1. Three Phase Flow Meter for Oil Well Monitoring- Emerson
  2. Retroviewer Redesign for Retro-Reflective Film Authentication- 3M
  3. Pediatric Vein Transilluminator- Designwise Medical
  4. Introducer Sheath for Femoral Artery Surgery- Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.
  5. Electrical Generator Heat Pipe System- Lockheed Martin
  6. Gastro-Intestinal Implant- Metamodix, Inc.
  7. Retractable Windscreen for Touring Motorcycle- Polaris
  8. Pavement Marking Road Groove Depth Sensor & Logger- 3M
  9. Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Chamber - Future Force, LLC.
  10. Machine Vision System for Laser Cutting- LasX Industries, Inc
  11. Control Panel Assembly Cart- Design Ready Controls
  12. Fast Retraction Metal Punch- Mate Precision Tooling
  13. Reduced Effort Motorcycle Clutch- Polaris
  14. Shea Butter Mixer- Shea Yeleen International
  15. Vortex Wind Energy System- Lockheed Martin
  16. Design of Z-Axis Scan Head for 5kW Laser- LasX Industries, Inc.
  17. Seed Potato Cooling Structure for Rural Mali - USDA
  18. Magnetic Car Top Bike Rack System- Four Peaks
 2008-2009 Projects
  1. Bi-Deflectable Stylet - St. Jude Medical, Inc.
  2. Breadfruit Processing System - Compatible Technology International
  3. Magnetic Drive System - Future Force
  4. Motorcycle Seat Heating and Cooling System - Polaris Industries
  5. Overnight Pediatric Oxygen Delivery System - DesignWise Medical Inc.
  6. Portable Workbench - Innovative Tools and Technologies, Inc.
  7. Prototype Biodiesel Production System - Dr. Greg Mowry, University of St. Thomas
  8. Self Stationing Autonomous Buoy - Lockheed Martin
  9. Web Guiding Slot Array Sensor - Banner Engineering  

2007-2008 Projects

  1. Active Exhaust – Polaris Industries/Victory Motorcycles
  2. Autonomous Aircraft Landing System – Lockheed Martin
  3. Auto-Scrubber – 3M Corporation
  4. Biodiesel Process – Crown Iron Works
  5. Catheter Handle – St. Jude Medical
  6. Ergonomic and Efficient Grille Application – Andersen Corporation
  7. Food Chafer – Service Ideas, Inc
  8. Personal Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner – Private Inventor
  9. Project ReSaLT – Private Inventor 
  10. Punch Cycle Tester – Mate Precision Tooling
  11. Savage Squirrel Protection Team – River Falls Municipal Utility
  12. Team Energy (IPod Charger) – Lockheed Martin

2006-2007 Projects  

  1. An Evaporative Cooler Designed for Sub-Saharan Africa - USDA CSREES – Higher Education Challenge Program
  2. LASAG Laser Welding Tool - LASAG Industrial Lasers
  3. Optical Landing System - Lockheed Martin 
  4. Trail Sensor System - City of St. Paul Parks and Recreation Board

2005-2006 Projects

  1. Communication Device for the Disabled – Team AbleNet
  2. Transit System Demonstration Model – Team Intelligent Transportation
  3. Laser Machining Assist Gas Flow Characterization and Optimization – Team LASERDYNE SYSTEMS Division, PRIMA North America, Inc.
  4. Variable Cooling System – Team Lockheed Martin
  5. Precision Tooling Assembly Cost Reduction – Team Mate Precision Tooling
  6. Medical Device Automated Manufacturing Cell – Team Restore Medical
  7. Omni-Directional Rover Wireless Control System – Team Lexen
  8. Clogged Nozzle Detection System – Team Toro
  9. Solar Powered Water Pasteurizer – Team USDA CSREES

2002-2003 Projects