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Student Research

Undergraduate Research in Engineering

Involving undergraduate students in research is a key component of the engineering educational student designing electrical circuitexperience at St Thomas. 

We truly act on our desire to involve students in the research efforts of our faculty... in fact,  46% of our seniors report having worked on a research project with a professor outside of class while attending the University of St. Thomas.

Research adds to a students education by fostering unique faculty/student collaboration and an opportunity to truly delve into the unknown.  Most of our projects are directly funded by industry, so the student also experiences first hand the R&D needs of technical companies.   Students also benefit by gaining working knowledge of engineering specialties and receive pay for their efforts.  Many students present their work at conferences and/or submit papers for publication.


Here is a summary of some recent projects:


Christopher Cogan ('11). Adviser Dr. Camille George.

Linda Nininahazwe (’11). Advisor Dr. John Wentz. Development and redesign of a human-powered blacksmith furnace air supply for developing countries through the use of appropriate technology. Sponsored by University of St. Thomas Collaborative Inquiry Grant.

Benton Garske (’11). Advisor Dr. John Wentz. Creation of a probabilistic model for microfilm formation on a microtool during atomization-based 

Thomas Garske (’10), Daniel Quinn (’12). Advisor Dr. John Wentz. Development of a micromilling and microturning center. 

David Timm (’10). Advisor Dr. John Wentz. Development on atomization-based cooling and lubrication system for micromachining. 

Robert Schulzetenberg (’10), Hans Drabek (’10), Tim Welle, David Timm. Advisor Dr. Camille George. A passive evaporative cooler for preserving produce, in partnership with the Rural Economic Institute of Mali, the Malian School of Agriculture and the USDA Higher Education Challenge Grants Program 2007-02535.

Tom McCulloch ('10) and advisor Dr. Camille George. A Solar Roaster for Peanuts, in partnership with Compatible Technologies International.

Katie McCaffrey ('09), Karen Rose ('09) and Dr. John P. Abraham: Uterus Cryosurgery, funded by a NSF grant, 2008-2009.

Robert Erickson ('09) supervised by Dr. Greg Mowry and Dr. John Abraham: Wind-Turbine Design Project funded by "Horizontal Winds."

William Besser ('09), Kevin Krautbauer ('08) and Dr. John P. Abraham: Cooling the Joint Strike Fighter, sponsored by Lockheed Martin, Summer 2008.

Fuschia-Ann Hoover ('09) and Dr. John P. Abraham: Study of Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol for Transportation Fuels, supported by St. Thomas McNair Scholars program, Summer 2008.


If you have questions about undergraduate research opportunities, please contact either the individual faculty member or Dean Dr. Don Weinkauf at