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2008 Undergrad Research Ethanol Fuels

2008 Undergrad Research Ethanol Fuels

2008 Undergrad Research: Study of Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol for Transportation Fuels

Fushcia-Ann Hoover has recently completed a major research activity which has been supported by the St. Thomas McNair Scholars program.  She has investigated the potential of using either corn-based or cellulosic-based ethanol as a replacement for petroleum fuels.  Her findings are surprising and provide guidance to policy makers and to the energy sector.  She has recently had her work accepted at two conferences (Clean Technology Conference and Expo 2009 in Houston and Climate Change Technology Conference 2009 in Hamilton Ontario).  She is excited to present at these conferences and she is planning on pursuing graduate studies in the environmental sciences.

Photo of Fushcia-Ann Hoover  Fuschia-Ann Hoover