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Undergraduate research - Uterus Cryosurgery

Undergraduate research - Uterus Cryosurgery

2008-09 Undergrad Research - Uterus Cryosurgery

Katie McCaffrey and Karen Rose are currently working on a biomedical problem with Dr. John Abraham.  The problem deals with endometrial cryoablation which can be used to treat uterine fibroids (benign tumors).  Currently, invasive surgery is used to eliminate fibroids however the students hope that through their research, a much less invasive treatment will soon be available.  Their minimally invasive idea is to remove the fibroids by freezing rather than cutting.  The project is funded by an NSF grant which was awarded to Dr. Pat Van Fleet in the St. Thomas Mathematics Department.

Both Katie and Karen are graduating in May, 2009 and they are looking forward to attending graduate school next fall.