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Students tour Rosemount Nuclear Products group Chanhassen

Students tour Rosemount Nuclear Products group Chanhassen


Students in ENGR 123 Energy and the Environment, an engineering course for non-majors toured the Rosemount Nuclear Products group of the Emerson Company in Chanhassen. The tour was arranged by Sarah Anderson, one of our recent graduates who is now a manufacturing engineer in the nuclear products group. Dr. Camille George is teaching this course.

The ENGR 123 course examines the core concepts of energy and power technologies. A hands-on laboratory examines how refrigerators, swamp coolers, motors, generators, wind turbines, solar panels and car engines work. The class covers how electricity from fossil fuels is generated and transported, and the status of the technology behind harnessing geothermal resources, solar panels, fuel cells, wind power, and biomass energy. Students will be introduced to the first law of thermodynamics (energy conservation) and the second law of thermodynamics (restrictions on energy transformations), trade-off charts and the design process. The cultural, social, and economic impacts of energy production are discussed as well as their effects on the environment.