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Xcel Energy Engineering Internship provides Big Impact

Xcel Energy Engineering Internship provides Big Impact

Paul Nyombi Xcel Energy By 


Paul Nyombi, senior engineering student at the University of St. Thomas, is really taking advantage of his time spent here in St. Paul. Undoubtedly a go-getter, Paul is a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For any student that kind of determination is a valuable trait. What makes Paul’s story even more amazing is the fact that he came from Uganda to the University of St. Thomas to obtain his degrees. Through the encouragement of Dr. Mowry, Paul obtained an internship at Xcel Energy where he has been working the past several months.

Every student should know that internships such as this one are a great experience where students get a feel for profession they one day hope to pursue. This is where students get their “feet in the door” and make the transition from school to work that much easier. Paul stresses the importance of being an asset for a company rather than just taking up space. While working as an intern for the Xcel Energy, Paul helps with updates and engineering of Xcel’s transformers in the metropolitan area. To make this story complete, it is great to know that Paul is doing what he loves as he has always had an affinity for Engineering. Paul says, “Working with the best, you can learn a lot.” He truly enjoys being stretched each day by his employer and experienced colleagues.

Paul’s time at UST spent in the Engineering Department has prepared Paul for a bright future. He believes that this time has separated himself from the masses. The most important benefit that Paul has gained from UST is the teacher-student relationship. Because the class sizes are small, and the student-to-teacher ratio is smaller than larger state schools, there is a true personal relationship that is formed. This allows a type of mentorship that other schools, where the students’ names are generally not known by their professors, could never be fostered. As Paul says, “they [UST Teachers] know who you are!” Engineering at UST has prepared Paul for this unique opportunity as an intern at Xcel and this will only be a springboard in Paul’s future career!