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Choosing Classes

Choosing Classes

Which Class Should I Take?

In an effort to provide quality service to you, our students, we want to assist you in planning for
the upcoming semester. 

We encourage each of you to meet with your advisor and complete a degree program schedule.  This has been developed based on a three year course offering plan. DEGREE PLANNING FORM.  It might be modified, but will provide a basis for future decisions that will help you complete your program on your schedule.  Meeting with your advisor should be done on a regular basis and, for most of you, is not a requirement to register at this time for classes.  When you meet with your advisor, a degree planning schedule specific to your program will be developed or updated for you.  To further assist you in planning your meeting with your advisor, check the catalog form for your program: 

 The second step is for you to monitor the schedule.  If you plan to deviate from that schedule, you should notify your advisor as soon as possible so that corrective action can be taken.

Another tip is that you should not postpone taking required courses until the end of your program. You may find that they are not available to match your schedule, resulting in a delay in achieving your degree.

You can check on your degree progress by going to Murphy and running the degree evaluation function.