The University of St. Thomas

School of Engineering

MS in Manufacturing Systems 

Program Overview: 

A MS in Manufacturing Systems (MSMS) which prepares our graduates for manufacturing or service operations leadership positions.

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Acts as a leader and role model for ethical, professional, and social behavior and inspires others to adhere to ethical principles and practices even when social pressure would encourage compromise
  2. Demonstrates the interpersonal skills to work effectively in a multi-functional team environment and is able to communicate in group discussion, formal presentation, and in writing, to all audiences
  3. Demonstrates the ability to coordinate the roles and efforts of all related operations functions into an integrated value chain system
  4. Demonstrates the willingness to embrace change and the confidence to champion new ideas even when they are unpopular and meet resistance
  5. Identifies innovative opportunities and empowers others in the operation to get profitable results in a timely manner.

Program Learning Outcomes

MS1 Demonstrate the ability to understand and use theory, skills, and techniques necessary to function effectively in operations leadership positions
MS2 Demonstrate the ability to function in a multidisciplinary team-based environment as either a team leader or a team member
MS3 Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary issues and their impact on professional and ethical behavior in a global and societal context
MS4 Demonstrate the ability to analyze and present information, formulate a plan of action, and direct the actions to completion
MS5 Demonstrate an ability to solve problems
MS6 Demonstrate an understanding of manufacturing/operations systems design including the analysis, synthesis, and control of manufacturing/service operations
MS7 Demonstrate the understanding of functional strategies supporting the business strategy and competitive advantage being sought.
MS8 Demonstrate an awareness of the profound impact of the global economic environment on manufacturing/service operations
MS9 Demonstrate the ability to understand operations from the points of view of all stakeholders from the line operator to the board of directors to the end customer

(Revised August 13, 2002 and February 2, 2005
per Engineering Graduate Curriculum Committee)