Technology Management

Managing technology is a leadership opportunity to directly impact our world and make it better for all. 

At St. Thomas, Technology Management develops leaders – leaders with skills, knowledge, and vision.  It also goes the next step, ensuring that those leaders not only have the engineering competence to know what needs doing but also have the personal confidence and initiative to make it happen.   Armed with technological know-how, technology managers are skilled at assessing the situation and asking the right questions to understand the challenge, and developing and applying solutions. 
The School of Engineering at the University of St. Thomas provides a solid Technology Management curriculum. Courses are led by professionals with strong backgrounds in applying what they teach -- so students learn the latest in rapidly changing technologies, taught by people who are actively using them in the field.  Students from almost every industry operating in the Twin Cities metro area share their experiences in the classroom.  It’s an outstanding educational environment and one which gives our students the perspective and credentials to lead in their organizations. 

Technology Management: a well-designed Masters program for those interested in successfully leading technology driven companies.    The program explores Finance & Accounting, Quality, Team & Project Management, Risk Assessment, Intellectual Property, Enterprise Systems, Tech Forecasting, and Leadership.


To develop leaders with skills, knowledge and vision to manage changing technologies.

People who thrive amid chaos, think strategically and understand complexity are valuable assets in industries with rapidly changing technologies. The Master of Science degree in Technology Management (MSTM) program is designed to develop such leaders and support the continued professional development needs of leaders in technology-based industries. The curriculum is designed to enhance both career and personal objectives. Graduates will be equipped to manage their organization's technical resources, lead technological change and integrate technology into the strategic objectives of their firms.

How does Technology Management work?

  • Three-credit evening courses -- Fall and spring courses meet one evening per week Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 or 6 to 9 p.m. Some courses are offered on Saturday. Summer courses may meet one or two evenings per week.    
  • Semester schedule -- St. Thomas follows a semester schedule. We offer classes in the fall, spring, and summer.
  • Self-paced -- You can pursue your Technology Management degree at a pace that fits your professional, financial and personal needs. Most students complete the program in three or more years, taking one or two classes per semester.
  • Begin when you're ready -- Enter our program at the start of any semester.
  • Tuition -- Tuition is paid on a per-class basis. See Registration Information on our Home Page or call 651-962-5756 for current rates.
  • Registration -- Registration is a user-friendly, streamlined process.   It can be done by phone, in person or on the web.
  • Advising -- Students are assigned a faculty advisor upon entering the program.

Degree Requirements

    The Master of Science degree in Technology Management requires 45 credits or 15 three-credit courses. The degree program requires 11 core courses and four elective courses. All core courses should be completed before taking electives.

Learning Objectives

  • Skills to identify opportunities and understand actions required and confidence to act.
  • Courage to embrace change, champion ideas and empower others.
  • Leadership to get results and initiative to take action.
  • Knowledge to make decisions and judgement to make choices.
  • Ability to anticipate unarticulated customer needs and creativity to create superior solutions.
  • Wisdom to know why chosen actions are important.

Why choose the Technology Management program?

  • Cross-functional focus

      Our integrative approach is designed to provide you with the perspective to help you bridge the gap between technology and business. We emphasize a holistic view of the organization and a team approach to problem solving. Courses in business, software, technology and systems management will challenge you to view technology management as an integrated system of social, business and technical components

  • Applications oriented, industry-based curriculum

      Our program is industry-based and applied. We expect you'll bring your work experiences to class and apply what you learn on the job. We want you to use your assignments and research projects to address real workplace issues

  • Instructors with extensive industrial experience

      All of our full time and adjunct faculty members bring both academic credentials and industry experience to the classroom. These executives, managers and engineers share a passion for teaching and improving the industrial welfare of our world. They emphasize hands-on learning, promote interaction among students and encourage the free exchange of ideas

  • Flexibility and convenience

      Our program to serves working professionals with already busy lives. You can set your own pace of study and start any time of the year. Classes are taught in the evenings at various sites throughout the metropolitan area, and some are delivered via distance learning

  • Mentor relationship

      You will be required to have a mentor from your company who will provide career guidance and help you implement what you learn.

  • Sharing of knowledge

      Each course you take will be shared by your colleagues through a presentation, staff meeting or "brown bag." This required presentation gives others in your organization the opportunity to learn what you know and gives you greater visibility within your company.

What will you gain from the Technology Management program?

    You will earn a Master of Science degree in Technology Management.  You'll develop a network of individuals (other students, faculty, and speakers) knowledgeable about issues in your field. You'll tap into the rich resources of the University of St. Thomas' manufacturing, software and business programs. And you'll deepen your understanding and broaden your knowledge of the factors driving technology change today.  You'll gain:

  • the skills to identify opportunities and the confidence to act
  • the courage to embrace change, champion ideas and empower others
  • the initiative to get results and take action
  • the knowledge to make decisions and judgement to make choices
  • the ability to anticipate customer needs and the creativity to create superior solutions
  • the wisdom to view the big picture

    Industry Advisor Comment:

    "... a much needed focus on the key issues of technology management including training in the intersecting disciplines necessary for successful product development and introduction."

Gary Griswold, 
Staff Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, 3M Company

Who should apply to the Technology Management program?

    Degreed professionals occupying or seeking strategic technical leadership positions in technology-dependent manufacturing, science-based and service companies. If you're not ready to pursue a degree, you can take one or two courses for professional development.

    Please call and ask to talk to one of our Tech Management advisors if you have any questions or desire more information. Our phone number is 651-962-5500.

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