Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a master's degree program for those interested in advanced engineering concepts and tools. Since its inception in 2009, the program has experienced rapid growth in both faculty and students.

Courses cover areas such as energy and power systems, fluids and heat transfer, product design, modeling and simulation, materials, and manufacturing.

The degree program has two options.  A course-based path requires 10 graduate-level courses for its completion.  A project-based approach requires 8 courses and a design project.  The design project allows students to deeply explore an industrially relevant technical problem in collaboration with our faculty and the student's company.  The student gains from the experience with industry while deepening their understanding of advanced engineering concepts.

The key features of our program are:

  • Real-world education – students can apply their knowledge immediately.
  • Qualified faculty with decades of industrial experience in aerospace, biomedicine, controls, power systems, manufacturing, energy production, and other areas.
  • A flexible night and weekend class schedule tailored to working adults.
  • An undergraduate degree in engineering is not required for admission to the program.  The courses are designed to allow people with backgrounds in other fields such as biology, business, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and geology to succeed.

Who enrolls in this program?

Our program trains people to succeed in the following industries:

  • biomedical
  • manufacturing
  • product design
  • mechanical design
  • aerospace
  • HVAC
  • controls
  • simulation and computer-aided design
  • mechatronics
  • robotics
  • electrical design
  • power generation and distribution
  • materials selection

Join now to increase and diversify your engineering skills.

How do I apply?

Call us at any time of the year to begin the process. Our phone numbers are 651-962-5750 or 800-328-6819 Ext. 2-5750.  We'll provide you with additional information and help you understand the program requirements.

If you're not ready to pursue a degree, you can take one or two courses for professional development.

If you're ready to start a degree program and have not completed all application file requirements, you can take courses immediately through Graduate Special Enrollment (limited to six credits or two classes).

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