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Full Course Catalog

Full Course Catalog


IMPORTANT: Check semester date on any syllabus to verify if it is for a current or past semester. Books may change from semester to semester. Make sure you are looking at the correct semester's syllabus when you purchase books!

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ETLS501 Production Operating Systems Becker (Spring 2014)
ETLS502 Manufacturing Processes Walker (Fall 2013)
ETLS504 Excellence in Operations Becker (Fall 2013)
ETLS505 Managerial Accounting and Performance Management Gleeson (Spring 2014)
ETLS506 Statistical Methods for Manufacturing Quality Keenan (Spring 2014)
ETLS507 Introduction to Systems Engineering Monson (Spring 2014)
ETLS508 Systems Design: Concept to System Design Beck (Fall 2012)
ETLS509 Verification and Validation: Integration and Beyond Yahr (Fall 2013)
ETLS520 Design and Manufacturing in the Medical Device Industry Johnson (Fall 2013)
ETLS530 Fundamentals of Engineering for Educators Besser (Fall 2012)
ETLS546 Verification and Validation (One Credit) Bach (Summer 2013)
ETLS550 Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime I (One credit) Bennett (Spring 2014)
ETLS551 Strategic Quality Management Fechter (Fall 2013)
ETLS552 Supply Chain Synchronization Bonnevier (Fall 2013)
ETLS555 Advanced Product Design: Mechanism and Optimum Design Hennessey (Spring 2012)
ETLS570 Purchasing, Logistics and Distribution Becker (Spring 2014)
ETLS571 Automation Systems in the U.S. and Overseas Johnson (Summer 2012)
ETLS591 Advanced Thermal Design Abraham (Spring 2014)
ETLS601 Program/Project/Team Management Monson (Spring 2014)
ETLS603 Design to Production Transition Ferguson (Fall 2011)
ETLS620 Analog Communication Rajagopalan (Proposed)
ETLS640 Lean Six Sigma Braziller  (Spring 2014)
ETLS650 Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime II (One credit) Moravetz (Spring 2014)
ETLS670 Masterful Leaders and Leadership Ness (Spring 2012)
ETLS671 Human Aspects of Technical Management Monson (Summer 2013)
ETLS672 Excellence in Product Design Dixon(Spring 2014)
ETLS674 Managing for Improved Performance Gleeson (Spring 2009)
ETLS677 Sustainable Development Strategies Aspengren (Summer 2013)
ETLS699 Topics: Fluid Mechanics (co-taught with ENGR383) Shepard (Fall 2012)
ETLS699 Topics: Analog Communications Systems Rajagopalan (Spring 2012)
ETLS699 Topics: Safety and Security Radke (Spring 2012)
ETLS699 Topics: Advanced Controls Greene (Spring 2012)
ETLS699 Topics: Heat and Mass Transfer Pfahnl (Summer 2011)
ETLS699 Selected Topics: Developing Products for Emerging Economies Nag (Spring 2011)
ETLS699 Topics: Heat Transfer (co-taught with ENGR 382) Abraham (Fall 2011)
ETLS701 Design of Experiments Parendo (Spring 2014)
ETLS720 Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Devices Freedman (Fall 2012)
ETLS721 Medical Device - Regulatory Submissions Klepinski (Fall 2013)
ETLS722 Medical Device Quality Systems Simmons (Fall 2013)
ETLS723 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Bonner (Spring 2013)
ETLS724 Medical Device - Clinical Studies Freedman (Spring 2014)
ETLS730 Cardiovascular Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Devices Freedman (Fall 2009)
ETLS731 Combination Products, Drugs & Biologics Klepinski (Spring 2012)
ETLS737 International Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices Lucas (Spring 2014)
ETLS744 Intro to Power Systems Mowry (Fall 2013)
ETLS748 Renewable Energy Generation Chakravarty (Fall 2012)
ETLS751 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Mowry(Spring 2014)
ETLS752 Analyzing and Anticipating Technological Change Becker (Spring 2014)
ETLS771 Materials Engineering  Gagnon (Fall 2013)
ETLS774 Introduction to Mechatronics Albright (Summer 2013)
ETLS775 Advanced Polymers Haas (J-Term 2012
ETLS777 Finite Element Analysis Abraham (Fall 2013)
ETLS789 Simulation and Visualization of Dynamic Systems Hennessey (Fall 2013)
ETLS810 Advanced Control Systems Greene (Spring 2014)
ETLS850 Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime III (One credit)

McIntosh-Sect 01 (Fall 2013)

ETLS851 Enterprise Information Systems Braziller (Spring 2014)
ETLS852 Technology Risk Management Rose & Reinboldt (Spring 2014)
ETLS853 Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Peterson (Spring 2014)
ETLS855 Implementing Innovation Bennett (Spring 2012)
ETLS858 Capstone Course Fechter (Spring 2014)
ETLS880 Directed Studies Staff
ETLS881 Engineering Project Credits Staff


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