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ETLS 6XX Course Descriptions

ETLS 6XX Course Descriptions

ETLS 600-699 General Systems Courses
Course Descriptions

   ETLS 601 Program/Project/Team Management

Focusing on the applications of project management, students gain insight and understanding of the day-to-day activities of project management (including cost analysis and scheduling techniques) and exposure to software options. A significant portion of the course focuses on conflict resolution, time management, leadership, and other personnel-related topics with the goal that engineers might effectively carry out the requirements of their companies without paying a penalty in lost good will or personnel.

   ETLS 602 Management Science

On one-level, management science is a set of tools based on mathematical models of business actions such as allocating resources, planning production, scheduling work, and managing inventory. On another level, it is computer software that implements these models and converts business data into useful solutions. At a higher level, management science is a philosophy of observation and analysis of business systems with the goal of minimizing costs and maximizing resource utilization and profit. This course looks at all three levels with emphasis on generating computer solutions and interpreting and implementing the results.
Prerequisites: ETLS 504 Excellence in Operations (MMSE 510) and ETLS 506 Statistical Methods for Manufacturing Quality (MMSE 615)

   ETLS 603 Design to Production Transition

Many functions are necessary to bring a product from the concept phase to full scale mass production. This course provides an overview of the sequence of steps required, and addresses the many milestones and interactions that engineers deal with in leading a successful product scale-up. The course focuses on leadership and covers product design for manufacture, an introduction to various engineering and manufacturing processes and an overview of managing a program of product scale-up. Developing a comprehensive plan, estimating factory cost for up-front business evaluation, and sell the proposal is included. Dealing with functions such as management, cost accounting, patent attorneys, equipment designers, manufacturing plants, vendors and related support groups is addressed.
Prerequisite: ETLS 502 Manufacturing Processes

   ETLS 620 Analog Communication Systems

Introduction to Fourier analysis of noise and signals, analog modulation techniques including amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and phase modulation, pulse code modulation, behavior of analog communication systems in the presence of noise, information theory, and source coding.

   ETLS 640 Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a seminar course designed for combining Six Sigma Quality and Lean speed.  Guest speakers will be utilized to develop knowledge of the inter-relationship of these two concepts and how to develop plans for product and process improvements in development, production operations as well as in service activities.  Each student will create specific plans for their organizations using these concepts.

   ETLS 650 Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime II
Offered at mid-point - after the student has completed 5-8 courses in the MSTM program) (One Credit Course)

This course, through a variety of methods, assesses  progress with the learning process, re-evaluates growth in key leadership dimensions, and identifies critical success factors to date. As a result of the renewed assessment profile, the student will: modify learning action steps as needed; build broader and deeper understanding of team effectiveness, workplace applications of learning to date; and development of leadership competencies; share presentations and writings with peers, seeking feedback and demonstration of newly developed competencies; deepen his/her understanding of the impact of the global environment on technology strategy; and develop competencies with social and ethical responsibilities. Portfolio design and development will be evaluated; communications skills enhanced and a beginning leadership agenda will be shaped.
Prerequisite: ETLS 550 Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime I

   ETLS 670 Masterful Leaders and Leadership

This course challenges the learner to make a fundamental decision to refocus their minds in a leadership way of thinking which is about personal maturity and its impact on the bottom line. The focus is on emotional intelligence, culture, and leadership greatness.

   ETLS 671 Human Aspects of Technical Management

Managers use written, oral and non-verbal communication to accomplish many purposes. This course teaches the student techniques and practice skills for targeting your audience, coaching and supporting employees, interviewing, salesmanship, performance management, personnel selection and employee development, conflict management, running meetings, problem solving and decision making, teamwork, networking and customer and vendor relationships.

   ETLS 672 Excellence in Product Design

This course focuses on key elements which comprise "excellence in design." An overview of the psychology and philosophy of design are presented. Constituent criteria for design excellence are explored in depth. Guest lecturers with experience in industrial design and design psychology will present to and engage with the class. Each student will, through class discussion, reading, tours, presentations, personal research and book reviews, rigorously approach what "design excellence" and the psychology of design means for him/herself. The course is presented in a format designed to stimulate a high level of interaction and discussion.

   ETLS 674 Managing for Improved Profitability

This course covers both the strategic and tactical aspects of improved profitability by analyzing historical cases and real-world examples of both industrial success and failure. Successful and unsuccessful strategies and tactics are then contrasted to provide useful insights in strategic and tactical performance management. Measurements are examined to demonstrate how measures related to strategies and critical success factors can be used to improve performance. Techniques such as activity-based management, lean operations, re-engineering, function and process analysis, just-in-time, constraint theory, team management, six-sigma, TQM, flexible manufacturing and capacity planning are studied for applications to performance improvement and cost management situations.  Subject or topic matter experts are used as guest lecturers to point out lessons to be learned in the practical implementation of performance improvement initiatives. Class members are expected to prepare a methodology and plan of implementation for at least one performance improvement initiative.
Prerequisite: ETLS 505 Managerial Accounting and Performance Management

   ETLS 677 Sustainable Development Strategies

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the many environmental and social equity issues and solutions faced by business. They will be given the tools such as, life cycle management, eco-efficiency, and design for environment, etc., to propose solutions related to sustainable development for these issues. Students will learn about environmental controls, regulations, waste management issues, etc. and how they can be addressed. Through required outside reading, they will see both an industrial and environmental perspective of sustainable development. This course will contain technical information and calculations necessary for industry to evaluate energy alternatives, product impacts, design alternatives, and environmental control options as well as financial impact.

   ETLS 682 Safety, Health and Environmental Considerations in Manufacturing

This course focuses on some of the safety, health and environment factors that influence manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on developing a practical working knowledge of these issues. Program development and management as well as the roles of regulatory agencies and the judicial system will be examined.

   ETLS 699 Selected Topics

Manufacturing and leadership topics will be presented. (This course may be repeated for credit.)

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