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Jeffrey A. Jalkio, Ph.D.

Jeffrey A. Jalkio, Ph.D.

Jeffrey A. Jalkio
Jeffrey A. Jalio, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

PhD. Minnesota
Phone: 651-962-5754

Mail Stop OWS153
2115 Summit Ave.
St. Paul, MN  55105

Office Location: OWS 160C (Physics)


  • B.A. 1983, Physics, University of St. Thomas;
  • B.S. 1983, M.S. 1985 and Ph.D. 1987 in Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota

Interests and expertise

Product development, optics, metrology, mechatronics, electronics, applied mathematics and teaching pedagogy.


Jeff Jalkio, Associate Professor and Chair, came to St. Thomas after 13 years in industry where in 1984 he co-founded CyberOptics Corporation, a manufacturer of laser-based measuring equipment that has grown to 200 employees and $37 million in annual sales. At CyberOptics, Jalkio directed new product development and research. He holds seven patents. During graduate school and at Cyber Optics his primary research interest was the development of novel optical sensors for process control applications. He teaches courses in electronics, mechatronics, applied mathematics and design.

Selected publications

"Liberal Engineering Education and the Small Company," Jeffrey A. Jalkio, Proceedings of the SME International Conference on Education in Manufacturing, San Diego, Oct. 1998.

"Three Dimensional Inspection Using Multi-stripe Structured Light," Optical Engineering, Vol. 24(6 pp. 966-974, 1985. (This paper was selected in 1995 for inclusion in the SPIE Milestone series of selected reprints on Laser Distance Measurements.)

"Controlling Solder Paste Printing Quality in Board Assembly," Asian Electronics Engineer, November 1995, ASM Group Publishing.


ENGR 330 Microprocessors I
ENGR 331 Microprocessors II
ENGR 431 Embedded Systems
PHYS 341 Electricity and Magnetism