Opinion Survey on Campus Climate

How are diversity and campus climate related?

Diversity and climate are closely intertwined. Improving diversity will help improve climate, and improving climate will help us recruit and retain a more diverse faculty, staff and student body.

The Issue: What is Campus Climate?

Climate is the way it feels to be here, the way people interact with each other. It's the working and learning environment of the university. It translates to students, faculty and staff being valued and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, job class, ability/disability or any other characteristic that makes us different.

There is no simple definition of campus climate. The following interpretations apply to a broad range of behaviors and circumstances that give rise to climate-related initiatives.

  • Behaviors within a workplace or learning environment, ranging from subtle to cumulative to dramatic, that can influence whether an individual feels personally safe, listened to, valued, and treated fairly and with respect.
  • The atmosphere or ambience of an organization as perceived by its members. An organization's climate is reflected in its structures, policies, and practices; the demographics of its membership; the attitudes and values of its members and leaders; and the quality of personal interactions.

Climate Study Survey & Results