Current Specials - Funds may not be used to pay off any existing CU loan


  • reduced by 1% off our regular vehicle rates, new or used (no salvage titles)

$5000 signature for 5 years

  • 800 BEACON or above, 6% no collateral required
  • 700 - 799 BEACON, 8% no collateral required
  • (special signature can be had in addition to regular signature loan)


  • CU will attempt to meet or even beat any rate you have on a current vehicle loan, or on any rate you are being offered by a dealer on a new or used vehicle purchase

HIGH BEACON vehicle special

  • 800 BEACON or above, 5 years at 3.00%
  • 700 - 799 BEACON, 5 years at 3.50%
  • Adjustments up or down for longer or shorter terms, hybrid apply

ATV Vehicles Rates now available

           Rates for new ATV and other recreational vechicles that can be licensed, titled and insured start at 5.75%.
           Call us for more details