Current Specials - Funds may not be used to pay off any existing CU loan


HIGH BEACON vehicle special for 2009 and newer

  • 800 BEACON or above, 5 years at 2.99%
  • 750 - 799 BEACON, 5 years at 3.25%
  • 700 - 749 BEACON, 5 years at 3.50%
  • Adjustments up or down for longer or shorter terms, hybrid apply

$8,000 signature for 6 years special

  • 800 BEACON or above, 6% no collateral required
  • 700 - 799 BEACON, 8% no collateral required
  • (special signature can be had in addition to regular signature loan)
  • (This special offer ends June 30, 2016) 


  • CU will attempt to meet or even beat any rate you have on a current vehicle loan, or on any rate you are being offered by a dealer on a new or used vehicle purchase

ATV Vehicles Rates now available

           Rates for new ATV and other recreational vechicles that can be licensed, titled and insured start at 5.75%.
           Call us for more details