Career and Psychological Assessments and Fees

During the course of career or psychological counseling at the University of St. Thomas, you and your counselor may decide that you need to take one or more career or psychological assessments. Although our counseling services are free of charge, we do charge a small fee for each assessment to cover our costs.

If you wish to take an assessment, you must see a counselor for an intake session before you will be able to access tests. For more information on career counseling visit Career Development Center's Website and for personal counseling visit the Counseling and Psychological Services.

All fees are subject to change. In special situations, your counselor may ask you to take an assessment that is not listed below. You will be notified of any fees before you commit to taking an assessment.

Assessment (Alphabetical)Price
Alcohol Assessment - Mandated (MMPI + SASSI) $75.00
Beck Depression Inventory Free

California Personality Inventory
- 260 Profile


Campbell Interest and Skills Survey (CISS) $16.00
Career Leader $22.00

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I (Form M)
-Profile (College Edition Brief Summary)
-Career Report


Myer-Briggs Type Indicator Step II (Form Q)
-Profile (Brief Summary)
-Interpretive Report


Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
-Extended Score Report
-Personnel & Law Enforcement


StrengthsQuest $15.00
Strong Interest Inventory (College Profile) $10.00