Counseling and Psychological Services is accredited by the
International Association of Counseling Services. 

Mental Health Apps

Apps can be used to promote relaxation, build healthy habits, and better understand your mental health. Click Here

Stressed? Try Our Relaxation Exercise

We have made an audio relaxation exercise available. Listen online or download to your MP3 player! Click here

Light Box Therapy

Light box therapy can be a helpful treatment for seasonal affective disorder.

Individual Counseling

You can work with a counselor to explore your concerns and work toward a better understanding and resolution of your difficulties.Click here

Group Counseling

One of the best ways to learn about yourself and how you interact with others is by being in a group. Groups typically have 6-8 students and are facilitated by two counselors. Click here

Crisis Counseling

If you or a friend need immediate help, please call Counseling and Psychological Services at (651) 962-6780. Click here

Alcohol Assessment

If you are concerned about your drinking behavior, Counseling and Psychological Services staff can help you assess whether it is a problem and what steps you can take to change it. Click here


If you have concerns about a friend, want to do team building with your organization or are wondering how to deal with a troubled student, Counseling and Psychological Services staff can help you find a solution. Click here


Counseling and Psychological Services can help you find options for mental health services in the metropolitan area if your concerns cannot be resolved in the short term model we use or if you are ineligible for services. Click here

TAO – Therapist Assisted Online

TAO (Therapist Assisted Online) is a suite of online tools to help you learn and practice new skills every day to manage your anxiety, depression, and stress. It allows you to work on your anxiety, depression, and/or stress when and where it is most convenient. TAO makes practice interesting and easy; it is available anytime, anywhere—and it's fun!

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