Access to Course Materials

Linking to online full text journals

The Libraries subscribe to many electronic resources that provide full-text access to individual articles from journals, magazines and newspapers. Users can search for, view, and print the articles from the Libraries web pages.

Course Reserves

Course Reserves is a Library service which manages physical and electronic readings for faculty courses. Course Reserves staff may create an electronic file which is searchable and accessible from the CLICnet catalog.

Note: this electronic reserve copy will be subject to "Fair Use" provisions of the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 107.

In addition:

  • Considering factor number two of the provisions, fair use favors the use of works of a factual nature more than the use of creative, artistic works.
  • With respect to amount used, using less than an entire work, and not that portion which might be viewed as the essence of the work, will weigh more in favor of fair use.
  • As for market effect, uses that have no impact on the market value for the original work weigh in favor of fair use. – “Policy and Principles”, University of Minnesota

Library Materials Purchase Request

If you would like the Library to order a print or electronic book that you think would be beneficial to the collection, please fill out this form and it will be considered by the appropriate departmental liaison. (You may also make requests for media or periodical purchases online). These materials can then also be placed on Course Reserves.


Fair Use in the Classroom

"It is fair use to make appropriately tailored course-related content available to enrolled students via digital networks."
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries, Association of Research Libraries, 2012.

The section of the Code supporting this principle is entitled "Supporting Teaching and Learning with Access to Library Materials via Digital Technologies," and provides background supporting the principle and identifies potential limitations on its use.  Faculty can consult this section of the code in particular to learn about appropriate measures they can take to comply.