Communication Services FAQ

How can I order promotional items? I'm thinking about some matchbooks or pencils with my department's name on them.

First, please consider the true impact of these items. Will they help you increase your inquiries about your program? Actually get people to an event?

If you believe they will help you achieve your marketing goals, and you can track the effectiveness of such an item, place your order through an approved vendor. Your office is also responsible for submitting artwork. Vendors will often assist you in design. If you need a logo, please e-mail University Relations until the logo guidelines are available.

How do I order some letterhead with my office's name on it?

Use the Service Center's ordering portal, SCOOP. Watch a how-to video here, then sign in here.

How do I make a change to my department/office's web site?

Departments are responsible for their own web content; St. Thomas currently uses Terminal4 (T4), a content management solution (CMS) to maintain all web content. For more information, visit IRT's site regarding web maintenance.

I need to place a (radio/online/print) ad. Can you help?

If you have worked with a marketer in University Relations, make them your first point of contact. They have placed hundreds of ads and can get you started down the right path.

Before ad design can start, work with your UR marketer to determine:

  1. publication name and contact information
  2. sizing specifications
  3. desired run date of ad
  4. general content (copy, photo, etc.)
  5. general budget for the ad

NOTE: As with any project, time is needed to concept, design and approve the ad. Longer periods of time will be required for planning an ad campaign. Also, keep in mind that different publications have deadlines that can be long before the publication goes to print.We are currently in the process of revising our production timelines.

ALSO NOTE: If you have not worked with an UR marketer in the past on advertising, please e-mail your request. It will be reviewed and a response will be sent.

And never fear: no ad will be submitted without your approval.

I need a brochure created for my office. How do I start?

Before we talk brochure, let's talk purpose: Who is your audience? What is the message you want to convey? What action do you want your audience to take via this publication? Will this publication have an online component? These are just a few of the basic marketing questions that will help us define the best vehicle for your message.

If you have an audience external to St. Thomas, you likely have a marketing representative assigned to your office. Once you have these questions answered, give them a call.

If your audience is on-campus, you may have worked with our office or the design services in the Service Center. To determine which office can provide direction, e-mail your name, department and some details about your desired product to University Relations. We will respond within two business days.

Regarding photography, how do I...

The best answer is to send you to the Photo Services web site. They have a full FAQ page, a clear policy and explanation of services.

I'm interested in starting a social media page for my office/department. What's my first step.

First, we're glad to hear you are interested. Second, go here. This site shares some best practices and offers an official university registry for approved pages.