Enrollment and Financial Aid Committee

  • to meet each fall semester as needed to review undergraduate enrollment challenges in the current academic/budget year, and to identify potential courses of action to manage enrollment, where appropriate. The committee may also meet late in the spring semester to examine the undergraduate admissions cycle experience in the current year and to make any late adjustments that may be needed to the admissions and financial aid models.
  • to review models of undergraduate admissions and financial aid for the succeeding academic year, with a view to balancing considerations of net tuition revenue and other characteristics that are desirable or necessary in the undergraduate student population. Results of the deliberation on models will be
    conveyed as a recommendation to the president of the university, and, if approved, will subsequently be incorporated into budget models for the coming year.
  • though the primary focus of the committee will be on undergraduate admissions and financial aid, issues related to graduate enrollments and financial aid may also be discussed in this committee.

Committee Documents

Members of Committees and some members of the UST community have access to secure committee information through Blackboard.

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