Committee on Teaching Evaluation


  • to maintain familiarity with current research on teaching effectiveness, which includes both the implications of learning theory as applied to higher education and
    the practical consequences of evaluation systems in use here and elsewhere, and to maintain familiarity with the validity and reliability of evaluation systems
  • to oversee the various procedures developed for evaluation, to research the results, to develop norms based upon relevant experience at the university and institutions nationally, and to promote the proper use of the results of evaluation, in light of the goals of academic excellence
  • to promote and facilitate both the formative and summative use of teaching evaluation, including peer evaluation
  • to draft proposals for legislative actions and submit them to the Faculty Senate for consideration when the duties listed above lead to ideas for improvements to the present system

Committee Documents

Members of Committees and some members of the UST community have access to secure committee information through Blackboard.

  1. Login to Blackboard
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