Committee on Faculty Nominations and Elections (CFNE)


  • to act as the nominating committee for the memberships on all elected committees
  • to propose a slate of individuals to the Faculty Senate for the positions of secretary of the Faculty Senate and parliamentarian for representatives to committees of the Board of Trustees, and for members of all university committees and task forces that are not otherwise elected
  • for all committees that are not chaired by faculty, to appoint one faculty member of the committee to be responsible for all reports to the Faculty Senate.
  • to provide a triennial review of the standing-committee structure, and conduct an annual evaluation of all ad hoc committees
  • at the end of each academic year, to review the number of full-time faculty in each school or college, and to make adjustments in the number of senators representing each academic unit as necessary

Committee Documents

Members of Committees and some members of the UST community have access to secure committee information through Blackboard.

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Select the 'Community' tab.
  3. Browse for the committee of interest within the 'Faculty Governance/Committees section.