Undergraduate Ceremony Information

The details below for Commencement 2017 are being updated.

Accessibility for Students

Details will be updated.

Accessible Parking

The drop-off location for people with accessibility needs are Lot G, which is located off of Cleveland Avenue between Portland and Ashland avenues, and the Anderson Student Center turnaround off Cretin Avenue, just north of the Summit Avenue intersection.

For safety reasons, droff-off or pick-up on Summit Avenue or Cretin Avenue North will not be permitted.

Guests who have state-issued disability parking permits may park in Lot G. Surface parking lots with red or yellow signs also have state-issued parking permit stalls. Parking at these locations are on a first-come first-served basis.

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Accessible Seating

Details will be updated.

Additional Accommodations

There will be American Sign Language interpretation throughout the ceremony.


Details will be updated.

Balloons and Noise Makers

Balloons and noise makers are prohibited at all ceremonies.

Candidate Attire

In keeping with the solemnity of the occasion, graduates must wear university-issued academic regalia, including cap and gown. Only university-issued honor cords, medallions, and pins are approved for wear during the ceremony. Other oversized personal adornments, such as flower leis, hats, signs, ribbons, or scarves, are not acceptable. Jeans and flip-flops are not acceptable.

The cap should be worn with the mortarboard parallel to the ground, and without any additional modification to the appearance. Candidates receiving their bachelor’s degrees should wear the tassel on the right side. It is moved to the left side at the designated time.

Cap and Gown

Details will be updated.

Ceremony Schedule

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Commencement Mass

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Details will be updated.

Grad Fest

Details will be updated.

Honor Cords, Ribbons and Medallions

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Please click here to see "Accommodations." Follow the directions for each hotel to get the St. Thomas rate.

Live Streaming Video

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Students and faculty members should not leave valuables during lineup.

Students and faculty should wear comfortable shoes with a low heel. You will be walking a distance during the procession.

We request that you do not bring items into the stadium that might distract from the dignity of the ceremony, or create any action that interferes with the ceremony. Thank you for demonstrating your support and giving the ceremony the dignity and honor that it richly deserves.

Important Note: Possession or consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the procession and ceremony.

Newspaper Announcements of Graduates

Newspaper announcements of graduates will be issued for all verified students. Please note that the list of verified students will not be available until approximately one month after the end of the spring semester. In addition, it can take two to four weeks to process and mail the list. Publication is at the discretion of local newspapers. If you have questions regarding the releases, please contact Brittany Stojsavljevic at STOJ0003@stthomas.edu.


Students should complete the on-line commencement participation application to indicate their plan of non-attendance.  Questions should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at 651-962-6700 or registrar@stthomas.edu.


Details will be updated.

Participation List

Students must complete the on-line commencement participation application or an exception request form if their name is not listed on the participation list.



A professional photographer from GradImages has been hired by the university and will take your picture as you receive your diploma. Proofs will be sent to your permanent address and via email three to five days after the ceremony. There is no obligation to purchase. Pictures can be ordered online, by phone or by mail. GradImages can be contacted at (800) 261-2576 or at www.gradimages.com.

Picture-taking by graduates, family members or friends on or near the stage is prohibited.

Picture Taking

Picture-taking on or near the stage is prohibited.

Senior Class Gift

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Details will be updated.

Severe-Weather Plan

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Details will be updated.


Tassels will be handed out when students pick up their caps and gowns from the bookstore. The tassel color is determined by a student’s major(s). The colors are listed below. Tassels are worn on the right side of the mortarboard.

White: arts and letters, humanities, Catholic studies
Scarlet: theology, peace and justice
Dark blue: philosophy
Golden yellow: science
Drab: business
Light blue: education
Salmon pink: public health
Orange: engineering
Crimson: journalism
Citron: social work
Brown: fine arts
Pink: music
Sage green: physical education
Copper: economics


Details will be updated.

Wheelchair Rental

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