2017 UCRC Keynote

Resisting Respectability, Affirming Dignity: Learning from Harriet, Rosa, Sandra & Bree

Catherine R. Squires, Ph.D, University of Minnesota

Dr. Catherine R. Squires is Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Race, Indigeneity, Gender & Sexuality Studies Initiative (RIGS) at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Squires' work investigates the interactions between social identities, media discourses, and publics. Her most recent book, The Post-Racial Mystique: Media and Race in the 21st Century (NYU Press, 2014), explores the role of the term “post-racial” in representations of American politics and society. She is also the author of Dispatches from the Color Line (SUNY, 2007) and African Americans and the Media (Polity, 2009).