COJO Scholarship for High School Students

The Whalen High School Scholarship is named for the late Father James Whalen, long-time faculty member and department chairman who specialized in teaching Media Ethics. This scholarship is given on the basis of academic merit, commitment to community service and career-related activities, and the promise of success in a communication career. 

This $2,000 scholarship is only for an incoming, first-year student from high school who plans to be a Department of Communication and Journalism major at the University of St. Thomas. 

The scholarship recipient must enroll in COJO 111 during fall semester 2017.   

The student who receives this scholarship is eligible to apply to receive this $2,000 scholarship for three additional years if they declare a COJO major and remain a student in good standing. 

Students who receive 100 percent tuition remission are not eligible.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, March 10, 2017

Late applications are not accepted. 

Applications are accepted online! 

Follow the link below to start the online application. 

COJO Scholarship Application for Incoming Students