Whalen Scholarship | Leyden Scholarship | Vachon Scholarship | Minnesota Journalists Abroad 

The annual awards range from approximately $600 to $3,000, and between 15 and 20 students each year receive the scholarships.

Application deadline: Friday, February 17, 2017

The awards are made by a faculty committee each April for use in the next academic year.

Mailing address:

University of St. Thomas
Department of Communication and Journalism
Prof. Debra Petersen
Mail# 5013
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105-1096

For more information, contact Prof. Debra Petersenl, at

To apply, current UST students must be majoring in Communication and Journalism. Students who receive 100 percent tuition remission are not eligible for COJO scholarships. Students who received a scholarship may re-apply for one in subsequent years; these scholarships are not renewed annually without successful re-application. Students who applied for but were not awarded a scholarship are welcome to re-apply in subsequent years.

If eligible, current students may apply for any or all of these scholarships:

Whalen Scholarships are named for the late Father James Whalen, long-time faculty member and department chairman who specialized in teaching Media Ethics. Whalen scholarships are given on the basis of academic merit, commitment to community service and career-related activities, and the promise of success in a media career. Applicants who are current UST students should have completed at least two communication and journalism courses.

Leyden Scholarships are named for the late Donald Leyden, who was a founder of the original Department of Journalism.  He also directed UST's University Relations office for many years. Leyden scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, commitment to community service and career-related activities, and the promise of success in a media career.

Vachon Scholarships are named for John F. Vachon, a member of UST's class of 1935, and were established by his brother, Robert Vachon. John Vachon was one of America's outstanding photojournalists. Vachon scholarships are awarded to students who show promise as photojournalists. The awards are made on the basis of academic excellence and photojournalistic excellence as demonstrated by a portfolio of photographic work.  Demonstration of work experience as a photographer for or other publications is a plus.

Minnesota Journalists Abroad. This scholarship provides study abroad funds to a COJO major who is intending to work in journalism. The recipient must be a junior or senior during the year the scholarship is received and must be studying abroad that year. Preference is given to students who demonstrate financial need. For application materials, contact scholarship committee chair Prof. Debra Petersen at

COJO Scholarship Recipients for the 2016-17 Academic Year

Lauren, Andrego, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Allison Appleby, Whalen Scholarship

Theodore Birnbaum, Whalen Scholarship

Mary Brickner, Whalen Scholarship

Andrew Brinkmann, Whalen and Vachon Scholarships

Sophia Carson, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Simone Cazares, Whalen Scholarship

Miranda Chartrand, Whalen and Vachon Scholarships

Emily Dalsky, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Ella Dostal, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Kelly Fix, Whalen Scholarship

Carlee Hackl, Whalen and Vachon Scholarships

Brittney Harvin, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships 

Meghan Heitkamp, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Anne Kopas, Whalen and Leyden Scholarship 

Simeon Lancaster, Whalen and Minnesota Journalist Abroad Scholarships

Lydia Lockwood, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships 

Peter Monahan, Whalen Scholarship

Annie Nawrocki, Whalen Scholarship

Mallory Patrow, Whalen, Leyden and Howe Scholarships

Lauren Schaffran, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships 

Mary Scholten, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Rebekka Schrank, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Jane Swingle, Whalen and Leyden Scholarships

Rachel Weiss, Whalen Scholarship