All students who wish to complete an internship for academic credit must follow university policy as outlined in the experiential learning materials available at the Registrar's Office web site.  Click on, and navigate to the student forms section to find the experiential learning/internship forms.

In addition, students seeking COJO credit for an internship must comply with the COJO Internship Guide and have their supervisors complete the COJO Supervisor Evaluation.

When you and your academic supervisor have prepared the registrar's form, using the COJO expectations, bring the completed paperwork to the department chair for signature.


COJO 480: Communication Ethics Capstone Seminar

Seniors need a permission slip to enroll in COJO 480 Communication Ethics.  Because it is a capstone seminar, you may not enroll in the course until your last semester before graduation.  In Spring 2014, five sections of Communication Ethics are being offered.  Students who are graduating in May 2014 are eligible for this section.  To secure a permission slip, see Dr. Wyatt, who will review your degree evaluation and issue a permission slip for the course.  Use the sign-up sheet posted beside Dr. Wyatt's office door (122 OEC) to schedule a meeting with her. 


When planning for upper-level and once-per-year courses, please keep in mind the following.

Many of our courses are available every semester, but some are offered just once a year or every other year. Below is a schedule for the upcoming year(s).

In 2013-2014, we will offer the following courses only in the fall semester:  

  • COJO 254 Photojournalism
  • COJO 276 Argumentation & Advocacy
  • COJO 330 Communication History
  • COJO 334 Literary Journalism
  • COJO 336 Media Law
  • COJO 350 Magazine Writing
  • COJO 366 Persuasion
  • COJO 372 Environmental Communication  


In 2013-2014, we expect to offer the following courses only in the spring semester:

  • COJO 220 Interpersonal Communication
  • COJO 262 Radio Production
  • COJO 320 Organizational Communication
  • COJO 272 Advertising Media and Connections Planning
  • COJO 326 Modern American Rhetoric
  • COJO 340 Television Criticism
  • COJO 360 Videography: TV Production in the Field
  • COJO 368 Advanced Advertising Copywriting
  • COJO 372 Environmental Communication
  • COJO 430 Society, Culture and Media
  • COJO 456 Graphic Design Studio


We do not expect to offer the following courses in 2013-2014:

  • COJO 230 Foundations in Media and Society
  • COJO 264 Media Communication Skills
  • COJO 332 Documentary in American Culture
  • COJO 338 Political Communication
  • COJO 432 Media Structure and Power


The computer lab in OEC 312 will be open for students during spring semester on the following days and times:

Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-8 p.m.

Thursdays, 6-9 p.m.