About the Department

Computer and Information Sciences is part of the liberal arts curriculum at the University of St. Thomas. Computing is constantly evolving. There is a growing family of computing related disciplines that have joined the initial discipline of Computer Science. Recognizing these many areas within the broader discipline in computing, this department offers three majors: (1) Computer Science, (2) Information Systems, (3) Information Security. In conjunction with the Department of Mathematics we also offer an interdisciplinary major in Statistics. Additionally, there are tracks in Computer Science and Information Systems majors which allow students to complete a Master of Science degree through the Graduate Programs in Software (GPS). Each is described in detail on this web site under the Majors and Minors link above.

These majors are concerned with the collection, organization, processing, storage, retrieval, communication, and use of information in today’s society. The emphasis is on the core of knowledge required to become an effective user of information; to design and implement system and application software; and to understand the concepts involved in areas such as database design, systems analysis, networking, security, artificial intelligence, statistics, and operations research.

The department has arranged its program to prepare students to work in business, industry, education, and government as designers or users; or to pursue entrepreneurial interests in technologically supported areas; or to continue study in graduate school. Courses are arranged to encourage participation of students from other disciplines. The department encourages majors to obtain a minor in another field. Students interested in teacher licensure should see the various science and mathematics programs in the Department of Teacher Education section of this catalog. A dual degree program with Engineering is also available, which is described in the catalog section under School of Engineering.

Department Contacts

Department Chair and Statistics Coordinator, Dr. Erin Curran (ecurran@stthomas.edu)

Computer Science Coordinator, Dr. Jason Sawin (jason.sawin@stthomas.edu)