The Peace Pole

The UST Child Development Center, through a generous donation from a family that had two children at the UST CDC over the course of nine years, recently added a Peace Pole to our grounds. The Peace Pole is a four-sided pole with the phrase ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ in English, Hindi, Arabic and Hebrew. As part of the dedication ceremony, kids were asked to write (or have an adult write if they are not yet able) what they thought about peace.

The following quotes are from children at the UST CDC or from their siblings (who frequent the center during morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up).

“Peace is what grows after war.”
“May Peace prevail in my car.”
“Peace is enough butterfly wings (dress-up) for
“No hitting, use words.”
“No fighting.”
“Peace is thoughts and hope for everybody.”
“Peace is everyone on Earth being to nice to each
other and everyone is happy.”
“Sharing is a way to have Peace.”
“Peace is for all people.”
“There should be a Peace Pole for the whole Earth.”
“Peace will make people good.”
“Peace is people working together.”