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Jordan Osterman '11   author
For years the Chemistry Department has provided a buffet of opportunities outside the classroom for its students, with more than 50 conducting full-time, paid research each of the past eight summers.
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St. Thomas Newsroom   author
Nick Benish, Chad Hewitt, Francesca Ippoliti and Joe Jaye presented posters describing their research April 25.
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Kelly Engebretson '99 M.A.   author
This week's notes feature faculty Mary Ann Brenden, Mark DelCogliano, Massimo Faggioli, Sarah Ferguson, Amy Finnegan, Eric Fort, Mike Klein, Robert Koerpel, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Shirley Polejewski, Jim Rogers, Gerald Schlabach, Sister Katarina Schuth, AnnMarie Thomas, Jessica Toft, Father (professor emeritus) David Whitten Smith, Carey Winkler and Kari Zimmerman; and students Tim Stammeyer and Jade Schleif.
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