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CELC Honors Seven with Common Good Award

Fri, Apr 26, 2013

The award was established by Dr. Bruce Kramer and presented to the entirety of the CELC community earlier this year. The plaque which hangs in the hallway outside of MOH 217 reads:

In 2010, Dean Bruce Kramer was diagnosed with the debilitating, fatal disease, ALS. In his time of exceptional need, College of Education, Leadership and Counseling staff, students, faculty and board gave of their time, talent and resources to support Bruce and his family beyond any expectation of thanks or acknowledgment.

With deep gratitude, and in commemoration of their extraordinary assistance, Dean Kramer’s family establishes this award to celebrate their unique gift of selfless, generous love. Through this award, the College of Education, Leadership and Counseling recalls its own care by celebrating others’ work for the common good.

There are many members of the CELC community who embody this description. As a testament to that fact, the Awards Committee received several nominations for the award. Rather than pick just one honoree, the committee hoped to honor all of their accomplishments and contributions as recipients of the CELC Award for the Common Good:

150 x 200 StankovitchPatricia Stankovitch, Psy.D.

Clinical Faculty, Graduate School of Professional Psychology / Director, Interprofessional Center

Nomination: "Since being hired in 2007, Pat has increased the number of clients served by the Psychological Services division of the IPC by 300+ percent.  She has developed an predoctoral internship meeting the standards of a national authorizing body, and helped develop the IPC into a unique and vibrant community clinic that serves disadvantaged individuals consistent with the core tenets of the UST mission.  What is remarkable about Pat is her tireless work ethic and passion for directly serving individuals.  Unlike many administrators, she sees clients directly and learns alongside her students.  Her humility and "salt-of-the-earth" demeanor increases the trust and safety necessary for learning to be a good counselor.  Pat is a lifelong learner who changed course at age 43 to receive her doctorate, so that she can give back to the community or disadvantaged citizens and learners.  More about her story can be read here in a piece written on Pat for the monthly publication of the American Psychological Association (http://www.apamonitor-digital.org/apamonitor/201210#pg26). In addition to her work at the IPC, Pat is part of the administrative team in GSPP.  She is actively involved in the administration of the School and brings great wisdom from her HR and leadership experience to the School  In addition, she gives back to the profession through her work on the MN Board of Psychology.  She was appointed to this position by the Governor after being nominated by her peers."

History with UST: Stankovitch began her affiliation with UST in 1995 as a M.A. student in the Counseling Psychology program. Immediately following obtaining her M.A., she entered the Psy.D. program and was graduated in 2006. She transitioned into an employee role of UST when she was hired on as Clinical Faculty and Co-Director of the Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services in December of 2007. She teaches courses primarily in the M.A. program, and supervises and trains doctoral students at the IPC.  

150 x 200 BrownRobert Brown, Ph.D.

Faculty Emeritus

Nomination: "As an advocate, educator, and politician for communities of color for over 40 years, Dr. Robert (Bob) Brown has committed his life’s work to Twin Cities youth and education programs. Dr. Brown has committed tireless hours and energy to building bridges between races, providing access to a college environment for low-income youth, and creating dialogue surrounding the needs of disenfranchised communities in the Metro area. Perhaps Bob’s most significant contribution to the area community is the National Youth Sports Program (NYSP), currently in its 22nd year. Bob continues to be an integral advocate for the program’s sustainability; he continues to head NYSP’s fundraising and outreach initiatives, sits on the board of directors for the program, and participates in program operations. Dr. Brown currently is an active member on six boards concerning education. Noticeably, not only is Dr. Brown integral to the University of St. Thomas, but he is recognized by other colleges and secondary institutions, as well ... Bob Brown has been a powerful member of local, regional, and UST communities in so many ways for such a long period of time.  I would guess that we could ask a number of different people what Bob Brown has done for all communities and we could get a different positive response from each person.  He has meant a great deal to so many different people and communities."

History with UST: Brown has been on the faculty since 1964 teaching educational leadership until he retired in 2005. He is now a retired faculty member helping out with dissertations and other matters, but spends most of his time on outreach programs for youth and diversity issues.

150 x 200 BoyleKathleen Boyle, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Program Director of the Leadership in Student Affairs Program / Leadership, Policy and Administration Faculty

Nomination: "Kate Boyle is an amazing member of the CELC community. She advises about 60 Leadership in Student Affairs students and each one knows that Kate values them as part of the program and wants them to succeed both as students and professionals. She created the program 10 years ago, and has made amazing contributions to the student affairs community in the Twin Cities area. Whenever I meet alumni from the program the first thing they tell me is how amazing Kate Boyle is. Kate should definitely be awarded this honor."


History with UST: Boyle arrived at UST in August 2004. She received a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Indiana University where she also served as a Visiting Assistant Professor for two years, coordinating their Higher Education & Student Affairs M.A. Programs


Anne Howard150 x 200 Howard

Clinical Practice & Field Experience Supervisor / Adjunct Instructor

Nomination: "Anne Howard is a professor in the Education Department. She is the primary example of why I chose to go into Elementary Education. She has a passion and enthusiasm for her subject area, her students and the entire Education department that cannot be matched by another. She is the kind of person that will go above and beyond for each individual student, even if that means responding to a student's email or text message frantically sent the night before field experience. Whether she is taking on the role of professor or field experience supervisor, Anne is always available for her students as a resource for classroom teaching. Her wealth of knowledge of her subject area as well as the current world of elementary education is astounding and I genuinely wish I had more time to spend with her so that I too can become as passionate as she is about each and every student she encounters."

History with UST: Howard began supervising student teachers at St. Thomas in 1992. She supervised (teacher candidates) student teachers and eventually transitioned to become a supervisor for field experience candidates; she now supervises both  field and Clinical practice candidates.

Erin Marrone150 x 200 Marrone

M.A. in Counseling Psychology Current Student / GSPP Graduate Student Organization Communications Chair

Nomination: "Attending graduate school at the University of St. Thomas caused a dynamic change of scenery for me when I uprooted from my northern Minnesota home of family and friends.  The Masters in Counseling Psychology program provided me with kind classmates, but evening classes and professional lives left little spare time for socialization beyond class periods.  School sometimes felt isolating.  Second semester proved different.  Valentine’s Day fell during the second week of classes, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Valentine box from one classmate.  She used a craft idea to create and give gifts to several classmates.  This may sound trivial, but Erin Marrone’s sweet gift reminded me that I do have friends in this program.    Erin soon hosted a party where numerous classmates gathered together to bake and create favorite recipes then eat together.  Erin’s idea of interacting with classmates inspired me to start a knitting circle, continuing the idea of socializing beyond the classroom.  These small acts of fellowship created friendships and bonds that may not exist today if not for Erin’s initial act of kindness.  Personally, I am thankful for Erin’s friendship and her ideas for events because now I feel connected with my classmates.   Group camaraderie within our psychology program thrives thanks to Erin’s generosity of time and her inclusive attitude."

History with UST: Marrone is currently the Communications Chair on the Graduate Student Organization, and will be the President this fall. She will be beginning her practicum in September at the Safety Center.

Jacqueline Grossklaus150 x 200 Grossklaus

Department Assistant / Leadership, Policy and Administration Department

Nomination: "I have worked with Jackie Grossklaus since 2000 when she transferred from the Dept of Undergraduate Business where she had worked for 19 years. In her 13 years as admin asst in the Dept of Leadership, Policy & Administration, she has worked for 4 chairs which is no small feat in itself. As a 'department' assistant, Jackie demonstrates consistently the fine rapport with students, staff, faculty and adjunct faculty which any employer is hopeful to attain in its employees. She actively participates in student or faculty events both during and outside of the normal work day. She has served on search committees for CELC. She regularly attends CELC and SoE meetings. Her welcoming nature applies to everyone she encounters. I know of few others in CELC who replicate continually Jackie's positive demeanor, loyalty and service at St. Thomas. She is routinely uplifting in her nature and graciously accepts new challenges and responsibilities whenever approached. She clearly lives and promotes St. Thomas' mission both on and off campus and is a role model herself relative to 'advancing the common good' during her life. Outside of her responsibilities and volunteer work here, she is active in her church and other communities. Jackie is always putting others above herself. She is extremely patient and generous. Above all, few at the University will provide to the St. Thomas environment and culture such a caring and positive attitude as does Jackie. She is most deserving of this award."

History with UST: Grossklaus came to the University of St. Thomas in April 1981 as a coordinator in the undergraduate Division of Business. After serving in a number of different roles, she realized her passion for working with students and faculty; that's how she landed as the department assistant in the Leadership, Policy and Administration department.

Terri Vandercook, Ph.D.150 x 200 Vandercook

Associate Professor / Department Chair, Special Education and Gifted Education

Nomination: "I believe Dr. Vandercook exemplifies what it means to advance the common good. She has provided consistent leadership for CELC faculty and staff surrounding issues of diversity, community-building, and human interest. I have found her to be sincere, humble, and always curious. Here are some examples: 1) She was an exceptional leader during the time former dean Kramer was battling ALS. Dr. Vandercook encouraged staff and faculty to contribute (in many different ways) to making Dean Kramer's life a little easier. She arranged opportunities for staff/ faculty to help at his home, she led open conversations about our feelings about the loss, and she championed a farewell reception. She also did numerous little things (standing up in CELC meetings, arranging for a tapestry/ award in his name). She led a large team to plan the fabulous celebration of Bruce's leadership in November of 2012.  She helped coordinate efforts for the CELC community to participate in the ALS Walk last September and is currently working on the ALS Bike Ride which is coming in May. 2) She facilitated the hiring of Dan Taylor, a young man with special needs who now works for the college a few days each week. It was clear that she not only wanted to support Dan, but to also offer all of us the privilege of getting to know him as we "walk the walk" of our mission. 3) She thought of and led the development of a sustainability committee, to increase awareness and provide opportunities for all of us to care for our planet. 4) She thought of and led the development of the new "Fika" -- a monthly gathering of faculty and staff to just "be" with one another and build community. 5) She has lead "education for everyone" - an event for increasing mental health awareness ... Terri is also "thinking outside of the proverbial box" in developing community building opportunities within CELC through Fika events and Works in Progress (along with Don LaMagdeleine).   / Terri sees with her heart, is generous with her time, creates space and opportunities for others to share their gifts, celebrates others, builds community, and does more to enhance the internal common good of this community than most."

History with UST: Vandercook came to UST in 1996 and has been a faculty member in the Department of Special Education and Gifted Education, and served as the Coordinator of the program in Developmental Disabilities. She is also currently serving as the Chair of the Department. 

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