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Anticipated Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Shortage in Minnesota

January 13, 2014:

By Kellie Krick Oborn, Early Childhood Special Education Program Coordinator

According to the most recent Supply and Demand Report, there has been a six percent increase in the enrollments of students with special needs in Minnesota.  Early Childhood Special Education specifically is expected to see continued enrollment increases due to enhanced public awareness efforts and Minnesota Early Learning Scholarships Pathway.  Continued increases in the number of special education students needing services will generate a greater need for special education teachers.

While special education enrollment is projected to continue to slowly increase, the Supply and Demand Report also highlights significant teacher shortage for all areas of special education licensing.  Early Childhood Special Education has been identified as one of 11 teacher shortage areas in the state.  Many school districts are struggling to find qualified, licensed ECSE teachers to meet the growing needs of children and families receiving ECSE services. To learn more, visit our news item about the ECSE shortage.

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