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Professor Karen Westberg featured on Wandering Educators

Karen Westbwerg featured on Wandering Educators.

Karen Westberg, Ph.D. of our Special Education and Gifted Education department was recently featured on Wandering Educators, a blog and resource guide for educators who travel. She discussed the myriad ways a degree in Gifted, Creative and Talented Education can benefit teachers working abroad. Read more on the Wandering Educators website, or watch Karen's interview!

CELC News Highlights

  • GSPP Graduate Student Organization Honored with Common Good Award

    February 19, 2015

    It’s with great joy that we announce the Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is the recipient of this year’s Common Good Award.

    The Common Good Award, established by former CELC Dean Dr. Bruce Kramer, is presented to an individual who has contributed to either the CELC community or the external community (local, national, global) in an outstanding fashion. The Common Good Award celebrates the unique gift of selfless and generous love. Through this award, the College of Education, Leadership & Counseling recalls its own care and support given to Dr. Kramer and his family during a time of exceptional need by celebrating others' work for the common good.

    Below is the nomination submitted for the Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) Graduate Student Organization (GSO).


    The GSPP GSO is a committed and strong group of individual students who chair different areas of focus (i.e., diversity, professional development, community outreach, and social events, communications), for the organization and who provide leadership and amazing opportunities for all of the students in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology program.

    Although this is not one individual (as requested for this award) the entire group of GSPP GSO chairs deserves the nomination for their great service to the GSPP community and communities outside the walls of the University of St. Thomas. For instance, the group has:

    • initiated an annual GSPP food drive, with donations going to Second Harvest Heartland;
    • created a structured self-reflection and ongoing group discussions about diversity with GSPP practicum students;
    • contacted presenters (i.e., local experts in different areas of mental health) and organized the GSPP student body to come and hear these important people share their knowledge;
    • and offered invaluable assistance at the Annual GSPP Counseling Psychology Practicum Fair that brings more than 150 students from five different schools and universities to learn more about potential practicum experiences from more than 30 practicum sites.

    You only need to visit their Facebook page to see a demonstration of their commitment.

    About the Graduate Student Organization:

    The University of St. Thomas, Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is student-led organization founded with the purpose of enhancing the experiences and development of graduate psychology students within the University of St. Thomas. The GSPP GSO unites Masters and Doctoral-level graduate psychology students in the University of St. Thomas GSPP, for the purpose of professional and personal student development, the betterment of the department, and in their contributions to the field and community. The GSO strives to enhance the experiences and development of graduate psychology students within the University of St. Thomas through: representing and unifying GSPP graduate students at all levels, advancing their professional and personal interests, providing a forum for student discussion of psychology-relevant topics, and promoting graduate student participation in university and community affairs.

    Photo of the 2014/2015 GSPP Graduate Student Organization. 
    2014-2015 Graduate Student Organization Chairs pictured L-R:
    Jay Sidor, Communications Chair; Stacia Francis, Events Co-Chair; Stephany Himrich, Vice President; Kelsey Thompson, Research Chair; Kasey Peña, Events Co-Chair; Eugene Hall, Diversity Chair; Emily Erickson, President; Kim Stewart, MA Advisory Chair; and Chelsea Walker, Public Relations Chair.


  • Study abroad in China and South Korea

    January 22, 2015

    Take CIED 507: Comparative Foundations of Education abroad in China and South Korea!

    This course is designed to explore and compare the different approaches to education in China, South Korea and the United States. Students will immerse themselves in the school environments to develop their own views on the opportunities and challenges of the educational systems, with the aim to enrich their own teaching activities and learning environments in the United States. Teacher Education undergraduate and graduate students can substitute the following courses with this course: EDUC210, TEGR510, CIED505.

    This opportunity is open to all graduate and undergraduate students. Students at College of Education, Leadership and Counseling have first priority.

    Learn more about the program, or visit the St. Thomas study abroad site to apply. For more information, contact Candace Chou at ccchou@stthomas.edu.

  • CUE Program Accepting Applications

    January 16, 2015

    The Collaborative Urban Educator (CUE) Program is a public/private partnership between the University of St. Thomas and the state of Minnesota offering a graduate level teacher licensure program through a state grant. CUE is dedicated to bringing people from underrepresented populations, ethnic, cultural, linguistic and other unique urban backgrounds into specific high need license areas in the teaching profession. The program is contingent on continued state funding of this program. This is a licensure-only program at the graduate level. Upon completion of licensure coursework you may transfer to a Master’s program for further coursework at your expense.

    Applications for this program are due April 15, 2015 and should be submitted to:

    Jeanne Mortinson, CUE Program Director
    University of St. Thomas
    1000 LaSalle Ave
    MOH 217
    Minneapolis, MN 55403

    To Be Considered for the CUE Program an applicant:

    • Has experience working with K-12 children from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and linguistic communities in urban or urban like settings
    • Interested in earning a teaching license in either Special Education or English as a Second Language (ESL)
    • Has a college degree from a regionally accredited institution in the US.
    • For degrees from outside the US, you need a transcript reviewed by an accredited evaluation service showing the US equivalency of the degree awarded and the institution awarding the degree.
    • Has a GPA of at least 2.75 for unconditional acceptance.
    • Includes two letters of recommendation: one from a professional colleague and one from a supervisor in a work setting. The recommendations should give evidence of successful work with K-12 children from diverse communities in urban and urban like settings and evidence of skills that supports what successful skills teachers need in their profession.
    • Is invited to an interview for the program


    Important Documents

  • A Welcome Message from President Sullivan

    August 28, 2014

    Watch as President Sullivan welcomes students back to a new year!

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