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Admissions Questions

  What is the application deadline for my Program?

Deadlines vary by program. Check out individual programs for the application deadlines.

  What are the admissions requirements?

Requirements  vary by program. Check out individual programs for the application deadlines.

  I am applying for non-degree seeking status. Do I need an official copy of my transcript(s)?

Yes. We will keep them on file in case you decide to apply for the M.A. program so you don’t have to request them again. Not sure where to start? Try these courses.

Tuition & Financial Aid Questions

  How much does the program cost?

Our programs vary in cost, ranging from $399 to $1291.50 per credit. As you’re conducting your search to find an affordable, quality program, be sure to look at all factors when calculating final costs.


•What are the additional fees outside of tuition?

•How many credits does it take to complete the program? Are costs based on quarter or semester credits?

•Are the tuition costs structured or banded in a way that impacts you based on how many credits you’d like to take per term? Will you be able to continue working while you pursue your degree?

•Am I able to transfer previously taken coursework into my program?


All of these questions can impact the total cost of your degree. At the University of St. Thomas, we strive to provide flexible timelines, transfer credit opportunities (up to 9 credits depending on the program) and discounted off-campus options so that you can afford a quality degree at a reasonable price.

  How can I learn more about financial aid or scholarship opportunities?

There are many forms of financial aid assistance to help students pay for graduate school. For a full description of available financial aid, visit the financial aid website or call 651-962-6550.

  Are graduate assistantships available?

Paid graduate assistantships are available each academic year to students enrolled in our programs. While availability varies, enrolled students are welcome to log on to each department’s website at the beginning of each semester to look at the current assistantships offered.

Program Questions

  What is a cohort model? Do all programs have a cohort model?

Some of our programs utilize a cohort model, particularly our doctorates and off-campus programs, and some of the MA programs as well. A cohort is a group of students that move through the same curriculum together. This component fosters a respectful and critical conversation, a diversity of perspectives and camaraderie among members. For many students, the cohort is one of the most meaningful elements of the program, allowing students to immediately begin building a personal, intellectual and professional network together.

  Are your programs accredited?

Yes – the University of St. Thomas is accredited by the North Central Association’s accrediting body. In addition, our teacher education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Our Doctorate of Counseling Psychology (Psy.D.) is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).

  How long does it take to complete a program? How many credits are your programs?

The number of credits to completion vary. Look at the specific degree or program you are interested in to determine the course load. What pace you move through the coursework depends on your schedule. We’re happy to talk with you about how each program might fit with your busy lifestyle. Students in our degree programs have 7 years to complete the program.

Student Resource Questions

  When and where do classes meet? Where can I find the schedule?

Classes typically meet on the Minneapolis campus. If you are looking at an off-site program, the details will be listed on the program page under “location.” To find out more about your course schedule, take a look at our course finder for more information.

  Does the University of Saint Thomas offer on-campus housing for graduate students?

On-campus housing isn’t available to graduate students, but there are nearby apartments located in downtown Minneapolis, St. Paul, and/or surrounding suburbs that are available for rental. Visit our off-campus housing site to learn more about housing options.

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