Jan Frank, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Teacher Education
(651) 962-4446
MOH 306 | Opus Hall

I have been a teacher committed to social justice and working toward equity in education for all learners for over 30 years—teaching English and speech at the secondary level and then courses for both pre-service and in-service teachers in higher education.  Syllabi for my undergraduate and graduate courses include the following statement: to be an effective teacher, one must be reflective and analytical—first and foremost of oneself, and then of one’s students and the context.  To me, this is the foundation of my own teaching.  While the visual representation of my model for teaching continues to evolve, the basic elements have remained fairly constant:  a focus on the questions “who am I?” and “who are my students?” and a belief that the teacher and the students co-construct what happens in the teaching-learning environment. As a teacher, I believe the following:  I serve as facilitator, supporter and challenger; I provide opportunities for gaining knowledge; I support my students by helping them move from where they are now to where they want to go; and I challenge them to go beyond simply knowing. 


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  • Team Teaching in Teacher Education:  General and Special Education Faculty Experiences and Perspectives (fourth author with Jennifer York-Barr, Nancy Bacharach, Janet Salk, Barb Beniek) in Issues in Teacher Education, 13 (1), Spring 2004.
  • Frank, J.L.H. (2002). My Voice Is Changing in Multicultural Perspectives, 4 (1), 41-43.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Dr Boyd A. Purdom Award for Distinguished Teaching 2005 (awarded by Kappa Delta Pi, St Cloud State University)
  • Professor of the Year 2000 (awarded by Kappa Delta Pi, St Cloud State University)
  • Extensive work on Teacher Preparation Initiative (Bush Grant Project at St Cloud State University)