Rosemary Barreto

Teacher Education, Department Assistant
(651) 962-4420
MOH 305 | Opus Hall

Rosemary is currently enjoying her second St. Thomas career, having previously spent over twelve years as a staff member in the School of Education. After 10 years away, operating a family-owned business and raising two great kids, Rosemary returned to St. Thomas in 2011, joining the Teacher Education Department as Department Assistant. In her current role, Rosemary supports Teacher Education faculty, staff and students in the day-to-day administrative operation of the department. It’s a role she finds gratifying. “I get to work with a group of really fine professionals whom I’m privileged to call colleagues and friends. And, of course, we’re all here for our very dedicated Teacher Ed students.” A special highlight for Rosemary is “Closure Day,” which occurs at the end of each semester. On Closure Day the work of the department culminates with a ceremony in which teacher candidates, having successfully completed their coursework and clinical practice, are presented by their field supervisors to the Department Chair for licensure in their chosen area of teaching. “It’s a very proud moment for everyone.” Rosemary’s interests include family, fitness, photo journaling and the outdoors (especially the North Shore!). Her Minneapolis-campus office has a distinctive, outdoors-y feel. Rosemary holds a BA in Social Work from Bethel University.