Debbie Monson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(651) 962-4443
MOH 304 | Opus Hall

Debbie is interested in all areas of mathematics education, from elementary to secondary, and especially enjoys working with pre-service teachers. 

This is her first full-time faculty position, but she has served as an adjunct at several other post-secondary institutions and is very excited to have this position at St. Thomas. 

Debbie spent about 14 years teaching in St. Paul prior to graduate school and St. Thomas.  Debbie’s doctoral research investigated the relationship between beliefs and practices for teachers using a reform mathematics curriculum.  This research has influenced the way she teaches, examines classroom situations, and looks at ideas for additional research.  While at the University of Minnesota, she was a research assistant for the Rational Number Project, MNMAP, worked as a research fellow on a STEM grant, and taught several courses.


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