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About the College

Personal attention, practical skills

You’ve never stopped learning on the job, so why limit your academic learning? We embrace every dimension of the education spectrum: individualized instruction, collaborative learning, professional mentoring and everything in-between, which creates a deeper, more enriching experience.

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Two schools, one
shared vision

Our graduates share the same DNA – a love for learning and a commitment to personal and professional growth. Our programs challenge students to think critically about what they are learning and its application to the broader world. Our students graduate with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to be leaders in our communities. 

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Accredited, reputable programs

Our students don’t just graduate with impressive credentials – they leave with practical skills, pride in their accomplishments and a close network of peer support. No wonder our graduates have gone on to earn positions of power and influence in their communities.

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Extending the network

At our schools, learning is a team activity. We carefully nurture the connections that enhance your post-graduate experience, through our network of business and organizational partnerships with alumni throughout the country. Because professional success doesn’t just come from what our students know; who they know is just as important.

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About the College

Welcome to the College of Education, Leadership and Counseling at the University of St. Thomas.  Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the school has a rich history offering preparation for Minnesota's teachers, leaders and counselors.  Comprised of more than fifty academic programs, the College offers you a breadth and depth of study, exposure to real-world problems and solutions, and the opportunity to develop your skills across disciplines.

Quick Facts


1950's- The University of St. Thomas began offering programs in Education and Counseling Psychology 

Denomination Catholic
Gender 29% Male
71% female
Faculty 97% of full-time have doctorates
Campus 96 acres



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