Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education?

Do I have to pay the application fee for the “Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education”?

  • No, please use the waiver code “EGED”. However, if you pay the application fee, we will not be able to retroactively refund the processing fee. 

What is the process for applying to the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education?

  • Please read the application directions carefully at Do not apply for “professional development” -- your application for engineering education will not be processed if you do so. Please know that you will be receiving professional development when you take an engineering education course. You must be enrolled in the “Graduate Certificate for Engineering Education.

Is my online application complete after I hit “submit”?

  •  No, please read the “Next steps” section of your online application carefully. 
    You must request and mail your transcripts to:
    Graduate Engineering
    University of St. Thomas
    Mail OSS 301
    2115 Summit Avenue
    St. Paul MN 55105-1079 

    Or email transcripts to:

Do I need to submit an official transcript?

  • Your application will be processed if you submit unofficial transcripts. However, official transcripts must be submitted once you are registered for coursework.

Are applications immediately and automatically reviewed after they are submitted?

No, each application is reviewed by a person. Please expect a minimum of 24 hours for applications to be marked “complete”.

Do I need to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education in order to take an engineering course?

  • Yes, the University of St. Thomas requires that students be enrolled in an academic program in order to register for and take courses.

Must I complete the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education to take a course?

  • No, we understand that you are seeking specific knowledge and skills which may align differently than the accredited “Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education”.

FAQs - Scholarships:

Am I automatically awarded a course scholarship?

Can I receive multiple scholarships?

  • Scholarships are for a single course, but students can apply for multiple scholarships for different courses. Awards are dependent on the successful completion or progress in the previous course.

Am I guaranteed a scholarship?

  • No, and an applicant’s “odds” of receiving a scholarship award is dependent on the number of applicants.