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Program in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

Program in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

The Program in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

The groundwork for the program was laid in a number of initiatives sponsored by the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas (UST) involving faculty in the departments of theology, philosophy, and Catholic studies.


The mission of the program is to promote Christian unity by engaging in a comprehensive dialogue between the Eastern and Western Christian traditions.


The Program seeks to become a unique and internationally recognized forum for sustained conversation among Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Rite Catholic and Roman Catholic communions. Presently there is no other permanent forum in North America exclusively dedicated to Catholic-Orthodox dialogue. The program will also facilitate ecumenical interchange between Catholic and Orthodox communities of the Twin Cities.

The Program’s Comprehensive Ecumenical Vision.

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For more information, contact: Paul L. Gavrilyuk, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology.

Program in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue
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Pope John Paul II, Orientale Lumen 28

“The words of the West need the words of the East, so that God’s word may ever more clearly reveal its unfathomable riches. Our words will meet forever in the heavenly Jerusalem, but we ask and wish that this meeting be anticipated in the holy Church which is still on her way toward the fullness of the Kingdom.”