Catholic Studies Faculty Summer Seminars 

2014: “Dante’s Divine Comedy”, (facilitated by Timothy Shutt, Professor of Humanities at Kenyon College)

2013: “The Christian Humanism of Eliot and Dawson”, (facilitated by Bradley Birzer, Russell Amos Kirk Chair in American Studies, Professor of History and Director of the Hillsdale College Program in American Studies at Hillsdale College.)

2012: “Catholic Social Teaching” (facilitated by Prof. Brian Benestad, Department of Theology at the University of Scranton)

2011: The Legacy of John Paul II (facilitated by Father Alfred Wierzbicki, Director of the John Paul II Institute at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)

2010: Must Knowledge Be Secular? Ideological Assumptions and Institutionalization of the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities (facilitated by Brad Gregory, Dorothy G. Griffin Associate Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Notre Dame)

2009: Religion in the Post-Soviet World: Burdening Heritage and Promising Prospects (facilitated by Myroslav Marynovych, Catholic University of Ukraine)

2008: Reform and Renewal: The Transformation in Art and Architecture of Rome from 1565 to 1650 (facilitated by Elizabeth Lev, Rome)

2007: Catholicism and Literature (conducted by Joseph Pearce, Associate Professor Literature at Ave Maria University) 

2006: The Theology of Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI

2005: Catholicism and Contemporary Culture

2004: Alasdair Macintyre's Critique of Modernity

2003: John Henry Cardinal Newman's The Idea of a University

2002: Catholic Higher Education in the 20th Century

1997: Academic Freedom and the Catholic University

1996: The Role of Faculty in a Catholic University

1996: Science and Theology

1995: Curriculum in a Catholic University

1994: The Idea of a Catholic University