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Summer Seminar 2006

Summer Seminar 2006

Faculty Summer Seminar 2006:
The Theology of Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI

June 12-16, 2006
Conducted by Professor Douglas G. Bushman

Associate Professor in the Institute for Pastoral Theology at Ave Maria University

One of the cardinal features of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s theological synthesis is the constant of rationality that he perceives in the history of world religions and in Christian salvation history. The meaning of human history and salvation history is the participation of human beings in the rationality of God, Who is Logos. For this reason these histories are by nature theological, and the concrete manner in which each individual finds a place in these histories is through dialogue: with truth, with God, with self, and with others.
This dialogical element gives faith, theology, and the Church a dynamic character that is central to Ratzinger’s understanding of these foundational concepts of his theological vision. He strives to grasp faith, theology, and the Church as experienced today in light of human and Christian history as a whole. His first encyclical, God is Love, is a paradigm of his manner of reading the signs of the times in order to discover the precise content and modality of the theological and dialogical reality that constitutes the vocation and meaning of being human.

This seminar will give participants a chance to read and discuss selections from the work of Cardinal Ratzinger.